The Original Habanero Shaker Brings the Heat

Joel Friant has become known as the creator of The Original Habanero Shaker and is an excelling entrepreneur. He was first acquainted with the “Fast Food Thai Concept” in the 1900s, and he even became known as “The Thai Guy.” Friant created the Original Habanero Shaker when he realized that there were no pure, tasty habanero shakers on the market. He wanted to share the habanero pepper with the world, so he created the Original Habanero Shaker that adds great flavor to any meal or dish. The shaker combines the perfect balance of heat and sweetness that most people can enjoy even if they do not like hot peppers.

Friant has traveled to Jamaica to sample different kinds of hot peppers, and he has marketed his Habanero shaker to many well-known grocery stores. He has also been successful I the real estate market, but his passion still lies in the food business and particularly in the chili pepper field.

Friant has created many concepts including the “Income Thermostat” and has become the author of many successful publications. He has educated through countless online seminars too. Friant also has a love for technology and has taken courses on Amazon and eBay marketing strategies.

The Original Habanero Shaker not only tastes great on food but it has health benefits as well. It adds a smoky, buttery flavor to anything that you put it on and it’s not as hot as it is in its natural form. When dried, the Habanero pepper milder and more flavorful. It contains a very high amount of capsaicin which is what causes your brain to release those feel-good hormones known as endorphins. These endorphins also fight pain in the body. The Habanero averages around 200,000 Scoville units on the Scoville heat scale which is really hot since the Jalapeno is only 4,000 units.

The Original Habanero Shaker does not contain any added ingredients such as additives or salts but is 100 percent Habanero pepper flakes. It is also gluten-free and sugar-free. You can even throw a shaker in your purse or bag, so you always have it.

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