Summary of The Oxford Club Guide To Investing: 4 Key Components To Investing

The Oxford club, a group of international private investors who actively seek to beat the market, have offered their four strategies on what they think will allow investors to beat the market. The strategies revolve around four components:


  1. The Oxford Club believe in having a well balanced investment diet. This means that investors must have different asset classes, risk levels, and industry sectors within their portfolios.


  1. The Oxford Club believes in having an exit strategy. This means that investors must consider when they want to sell an asset before they buy it. This type of investing strategy considers the full life cycle of an asset, which enables the Oxford Club to sell before the stocks or assets decrease in value.


  1. The Oxford Club believes that size matters. The Oxford Club uses a formula to calculate how much of a portfolio should be invested in any particular stock. The Oxford club wants to avoid investing based on emotion, because that is a big mistake that can be made, according to the Oxford Club.


  1. The Oxford Club believes in minimizing fees and taxes. It is important to hold onto assets long enough so that they get taxed at the long term capital gains tax rate,as opposed to the income tax rate. The Oxford Club avoids Front end and Back end loaded fees. A small reduction can costs can allow the Oxford Club to reap much higher returns over a period of several decades.


The Oxford club has been around since 1989. It has a simple mission: to help members protect and grow their wealth. For over two decades, the Oxford Club’s strategy has allowed its members to protect and grow their wealth, in a variety of market conditions.


Every month, the Oxford Club Looks at hundreds of potential investment opportunities, and shares these opportunities with it’s members.

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