Talkspace Sees Increasing Demand

Receiving any necessary mental healthcare and therapy is very important for all people. While therapy services have been around for decades, many people do not have the time or money to see a mental health professional on a regular basis. To help bridge this gap, a growing company called Talkspace is providing a unique solution for mental healthcare services.

Talkspace is one of the first online providers of therapy services. For a small fraction of the cost, a customer can gain access to a fully licensed therapist through the website. This therapy can then be completed through a variety of online chat options for a low cost of less than $50 per month.

While Talkspace has been a very popular company for years, it has seen a big increase in demand over the past year. Many people have attributed this increase to the election of Donald Trump. Ever since he was elected in November of 2016, the growth of the company has increased by nearly 80% compared to prior periods. What is even more showing is the fact that the increase in usage is most prevalent among women, those from minority races, and certain religious groups. This has been attributed to additional stress that the changing political landscape has had on people’s lives.

Overall the Talkspace services are most popular among millenials, which is not surprising given the technology services that support it. Overall, the average age of all customers is about 33 years, with many customers in their early 20s. It is expected that this service will continue to increase in profitability in the coming years as the need for affordable services continues to grow. The company is also looking for other ways that it can help to treat and service its customers by incorporating new therapy options with enhanced care treatments.

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