The Story of how Lime Crime was Founded by Doe Deere

There are few lines of cosmetics out there as fun and funky as Lime Crime. The company was founded by Doe Deere and has been as unique as her look since day one. Doe Deere is known for her brightly colored hair and cosmetics and it is her goal to pass these bold trends onto Lime Crime fans everywhere.


Doe Deere has always been a fan of two things: fairytales and cosmetics. She combined the two to make a wonderful line of cosmetics and accessories. Lime Crime was founded in 2008. Doe Deere was actually attending school for fashion design. She had always made her own clothes to express herself. She wanted to create a line of clothing and open her own store. However, she began to question her path as she felt that she wasn’t truly passionate about what she was doing.


She had originally named her line of clothes Lime Crime. She did this due to her love of fairy tales. She loved the fact that in fairy tales things often rhyme for no reason at all. She loved the way Lime Crime rolled off her tongue, so she designed to register the domain name. In 2008 she transitioned the company to become a line of beauty products.


When Lime Crime started it was initially a line of lipsticks, highlighters and eyeshadows. She began selling her makeup through an online store she opened on eBay. Within just one year the company was profitable and she began to rack up more and more clients.


Her biggest source of new clients was referrals from current Lime Crime clients. She also started a series of video makeup tutorials where she instructed people on how to use beauty products. These tutorials brought in a lot of clients and helped Lime Crime grow. The company currently has three million Instagram followers who all share their own looks from using the Lime Crime products.


Lime Crime was also one of the first companies to utilize user generated content in the company’s marketing strategy. In fact, the current website has an entire panel dedicated to showcasing real photos that fans have submitted of themselves wearing the Lime Crime products. In addition, Lime Crime also reposts user’s shared social media content by utilizing the specialty hashtag #HowYouWoreIt.



For Doe Deere, one of the greatest results of her business success was when her business took off and she was able to start giving back to some of her favorite charities. These include charities that help women, children and operations that rescue animals. She also supports the Sanctuary for Families, several animal shelters, Girls Inc. and the Red Cross.


Lime Crime continues to grow and expand its product line to offer fans more products. For example, the company recently launched a fun line of eyeshadows that look exactly like the line of incredibly popular toys from the ‘90s, Polly Pockets. This is all the more proof of how you shouldn’t be afraid to be a unicorn. Learn more:


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