Paul Mampilly Stock Investment Tips & Advice In 2018

Potential investors need to be the lookout for current news about the company stock and innovations in a particular industry. Changes such technology usually disrupt industries and firms have to adjust to remain competitive. Banyan Hill Publishing comes to offer readers exclusive research and information on stocks to invest on. Paul Mampilly works at Banyan Hill as an editor. He joined the Banyan team in 2016. He provides tips on investment to all Americans especially technology, investment opportunities, and small-cap stocks.

Wall Street Career & Award

Before joining Banyan Hill, Paul worked in the Wall Street. He worked at Kinetics Asset Management in the year 2006, where assets of hedge fund grew from $6 Billion to $25 billion in a year. The company received an award as the World’s Best Company in hedge fund management. The hedge fund grew its returns by an average of 26 percent. Paul Mampilly invested $50 million during the 2008/09 financial crisis and still managed to generate 76% in yields in the two years. Paul won John Templeton Foundation competition.

Here are some of the top investment tips by Paul Mampilly to monitor in 2018.

3-D Printing

Paul predicts that revolution of 3-D technology will continue in 2018. New printing systems will introduce enormous changes in the manufacturing sector and the construction industry. With natural disaster occurring frequently, the demand for 3-D printing programs will increase. Firms are investing more in developing robots and printing systems. The robots can construct and replace damaged houses, offices, and other commercial buildings within a week. The tech could lower the construction overheads by 40%. Paul recommends for investment in firms such as Cazza and other companies specializing in 3-D printing systems. The firms which will efficiently implement the tech will experience arise in the value of the stock.

Online Pharmacy from Amazon

Amazon aims to make an entrance into the pharmacy sector. Usually, when a new tech enters an industry, competitor’s stock prices fall and will take several years to return to current prices. Once Amazon introduces its online pharmacy, it will affect share price of related firms in the pharmacy sector and will reduce dividends payment.

The prescription drug companies provide most of the drugs. The top pharmacy retailers face few competitors. The market has many intermediaries who benefit from a sale of medicines in pharmacies. Online pharmacy from Amazon will offer a platform for customers to compare prices from pharmacy retailers such as Walgreens. The online pharmacy will make easy for customers to compare prices and eliminate inefficiency and storage costs to lower rates of medicines. The medicine costs will fall considerably affecting stocks of traditional pharmacies. Profits Unlimited’s “$7 Tech Stock” and the “Strange Industry Expected to Surge 8,000%”

Virtual Reality (VR)

The augmented reality and VR create appealing experiences. Paul Mampilly suggests that investing in firms developing and implementing AR technologies will reap huge rewards. Researchers predict a rise in sales of VR technology. Innovating companies in VR will boost their stock prices. His facebook page

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