Israel for a long time has been a darling to its western allies. It has been portrayed as a right partner in the fight against restoring a peaceful and prosperous the Middle East. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

But one issue that has made them not have an eye to eye relationship with the west is that of Iranian nuclear deal. They have opposed the agreement and tried as much as possible to bring it down.

According to Israel, Iran will continue to build up its nuclear arsenals, and not even the Geneva accord will stop it. They term the Iranian deal as a threat to humankind.

Speaking on this issue, Daniel Taub, Israeli’s ambassador to the UK says the deal will not do much to help the situation. Israel has maintained pressure on its allies to pull down the deal, and this has seen it engage America on this issues several times. Taub says that this menace requires a holistic partnership approach that was unthinkable before. Israel is joined in this by several Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia who portray the deal in a bad light.

“Many countries are looking into this issues, and it offers a perfect opportunity to put our differences aside and embrace deeper partnerships,” Mr. Daniel Taub said.

“There are a lot of changes happening in our regions, and it’s forcing us to make choices that we would never have thought of making. Despite the emotive issue of Israeli occupation, there exist some players who now speak the same language, and these are the relationships we want to harness. We want to make the Middle East a peaceful region,” he further stated. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Many people have commended the significant efforts taken to arrive at this great deal. Some including Britain’s foreign secretary, William Hague says that the agreement is a good one for the whole world. He further said that Iran had made great strides towards making this deal as a success.

Despite the good feelings, Mr. Daniel Taub says Israel is not happy at all with the deal. He mainly is concerned that the agreement did not advocate for the dismantling of the nuclear infrastructure and Iran’s enrichment rights. This he will pose a significant threat to making the deal a success. He calls upon all players to do much more.

Daniel Taub has been a great voice in spearheading Israel’s international interests during his ambassadorial tenure, especially on the Israeli-Palestinian issue which he played a significant role.

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