The Life of Doctor David Samadi, His Career, and Contribution to the Health Sector

The need for robotic surgery in the treatment of prostate cancer has gradually increased by 40 percent over the last year. In many countries especially, the healthcare practitioners are embracing this treatment method in high-risk cases of cancer. Furthermore, robotic surgery has a positive impact on healthcare and the department of urology in general. Dr. David Samadi comes in as a perfect example of a health practitioner who has utilized robotic surgery to treat cancer. For decades, he has been praised for treating terminally ill patients through this robotic surgery.

Dr. David Samadi grew up in Iran. During the Iranian Revolution in 1979, there was a state of promotion in the Islam communities as most of them were secluded and eliminated. As a Persian Jew in a Muslim country, Dr. Samadi was affected. That is why with his younger brother, the duo fled Iran to seek refuge in Belgium. When they arrived in Belgium, they joined a secondary school to earn academic credentials and stay relevant in the competitive industry of careers.

Samadi then joined Rosylin School based in New York. This institution offered a rigorous education system that helped Samadi to establish a strong academic background. This solid foundation tossed him into the ocean of admirable careers. Samadi later joined Stony Brook for a course in medicine. He completed his course after six years of dedication.

Samadi went ahead to join Montefiore Medical Centre for a course in urology. Being visionary, he joined Albert Einstein College of Medicine for his training in proctology. He completed his training at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Centre for Cancer. Before the completion, he pursued robotic surgery in prostatectomy from Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil.

From his training programs and coursework, Dr. Samadi started his medical practice in different hospitals. That is why in 2000, he was able to join doctors, nurses as well as cancer experts to establish a program with the aim of training people on how to deal with prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and bladder cancer. This opportunity opened new doors for him to explore different treatment options and therapies.

Dr. Samadi has since succeeded to transform an advanced technique for robotic surgery. SMART is a technique that involves a system of healthy techniques made to spare nerves when a patient is going through robotic surgery. Dr. Samadi is by no means, a successful career executive and role model to many who aspire to continue developing cancer treatment methods and options.

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