Ara Chackerian- A Man of Nature and People

The ancient Hebrews recognized the beauty and diversity of wilderness area by describing it in different words that show the experience of nature. Ara Chackerian, a forestry visionary, believes that wilderness area plays a vital role in the societal fabric, albeit complex and in the provision of abundance resources. Additionally, it provides terrific venues for inspiration, recreation, and athletic pursuits. Ara Chackerian has provided partners, clients and nature enthusiasts with various technologies and tools needed for conservation and preservation of the wilderness area. He also offers affirming and exceptional opportunities to harvest different resources located in nature’s pantry.


Ara Chackerian states that the planet wilderness is beautiful with precious resources that need stewardship. Luckily, a group of forestry dedicated professionals have the resources to offer wilderness management to both private and public entities. Careful management of wildlife population and curation of trees provide various benefits to everyone giving the world an opportunity to pass one of the most significant resources and gifts to the coming generations.




Ara Chackerian states that wilderness management requires careful forestry techniques that help in preserving the diverse wildlife population. This also includes protecting the wilderness from the natural decline and threats from fire, drought and intense storms. He believes that wilderness areas are very different and each requires precise planning and an elaborated resources management. He gives an example of Michigan wilderness area that needs careful forestry planning to account for the recreating and commercial usage and space for the wildlife population. The forest managers have the mandate to set the forestage to ensure a daily supply of jack pines, brush piles and elk guaranteeing forest animals are well feed and live comfortable. You can visit their Medium to know more.


Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He has a successful career that span decades of years working in healthcare technology field and over the years he founded different companies that specialize in various diagnostic imaging services. Ara is the President and also co-founders of Nicaragua, Limoapa Teak, and teak farm that strive in providing the local community with jobs using environmentally friendly practices. Ara Chackerian has joined his partner, and together they are spreading awareness of transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment for mental health. You can visit their Twitter page.


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