Igor Cornelsen- An Incredible Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen has a solid background in the banking and investment field. Having spent close to 50 years in the industry, the 70-year-old is the best person you could choose for your investments guide and advice. As it is said, interest and passion are the primary two attributes that drive people to do great invisible things. Admitted as an Engineering student at the Federal University of Parana, Igor found out that something else was within him. After two years of study, he could not help but start studying economics. In 1970, after his graduation, Igor secured a job at an investment bank and began building his skills. Starting then, a series of many exciting encounters have made Igor the man he is today.

Having served previously as the CEO and a board member to several banks, Igor Cornelsen formed his investment firm in 1995. Nothing changed from what he was used to doing. He kept providing the same services as usual. He is a brilliant investment manager to date. His investment advising idea did not just sprout from nowhere, it was through his experience in the industry, managing funds in stock markets that opened his inner eyes.

Igor Cornelsen is a consistent individual with stringent personal principles. He is wise and does things quite differently. First, he follows economies very closely. He filters out those with improving investing assets to invest in the long run. He also gets his information directly from Reuters, which is very reliable. This way, he has become a more productive entrepreneur. Igor believes that it is only through reading a lot of firsthand information that can separate one real and true investor from others. What has helped him grow is finding out assets depreciated before anyone else did. As an experienced Brazilian banker, Igor Cornelsen has always been a mirror to many investors either within or outside the country.

Igor Cornelsen Investment Advice


The sooner you start, the better. Never wait for the perfect time to begin your journey in the investment game. Age has never been a limiting factor. But for maximum returns, you better start early.

2.Minimize Risk

The last thing any investor would like to see is losing their money. It is therefore ideal for them not to lose money. The risk is everywhere, and it is always associated with losing money. Since the main reason people invest is to make gains, they should also remember that losing money is never encouraged.

3.Get an Adviser

For those who are just starting off, this is the best thing you could do to yourself. Accept to first begin by taking baby steps before you could start running.

Finally, as an investor, the best way of minimising risks is via diversification of your portfolios.

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