ClassDojo Creating Community

ClassDojo is an app that helps keep parents and teachers, as well as teachers and students, connected. The mission of ClassDojo is to help created an unbelievable classroom experience for the teacher, parents, and students.

Within in the app, parents and teachers have the ability to send messages between each other, the same can be said for students and teachers. Additionally, teachers and students have the capability to send a message, give updates, and post photos and videos to keep families updated. Having access to these opportunities helps create a positive classroom environment.

The ClassDojo app offers a number of features that help create a sense of community. First, it provides classroom tools in one single place. Teachers are able to create groups of students, give specific directions for an activity, play music, and even set timers. Second, the app gives students a voice. Students have their own portfolio which gives them the opportunity to, if they choose, showcase their work. Third, as mentioned before, it allows teachers to share stories and information with parents.

Even out of the classroom setting, ClassDojo has a positive impact on teachers. ClassDojo has an online community of thousands of teachers from all around the world. This gives teachers the unique chance to brainstorm and get ideas from other teachers who are teaching under drastically different circumstances. This huge online community aids in teacher’s growth, it helps them become better at what they do.

ClassDojo is as good as it sounds, earning the app a number of awards and titles. In 2011 the app won the Education Innovation Award from the NBC Today Show; in 2012 Forbes put the app on the list of 30 Under 30: Education; and, among others, in 2015 they were on the list of 35 Most Innovative Apps of the year.

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