Academy of Art University: Teaching Success

After its founding in 1929, Academy of Art University has become one of the most impressive universities focusing on art and design. The university has a number of programs outside of offering more than 30 degree programs. These programs include experiences for non students, grants for teachers, continuing education for art professionals and a number of certificate programs.

Located in beautiful and modern San Francisco, the campus is a diverse blend of students, technology and architecture which allows for an open exchange of ideas and creativity. The curriculum at Academy of Art University uses hands on learning that is tailored for each student by the professional professors and mentors who understand first hand how to succeed in the art and entertainment industrie. Students that graduate from the Academy will leave having the skills and knowledge to not only find jobs, but succeed in a professional setting.

One such graduate is Jan Phillip Cramer. Cramer is currently the head of animation at Digital Domain and was recently hired as the animation supervisor during the production of Avengers: Infinity War. In 2004, Cramer earned his BFA from the Academy’s School of Animation and Visual Effects. Since then Cramer has been involved in successful films such as Avatar, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool and many other successful franchises. When asked about his successes Cramer attributes his knowledge and abilities to the professors at the Academy of Art University who guided his career direction and used their experiences to give him a deeper understanding of the industry.

At the Academy of Arts University, experiences like Jan Cramer’s are commonplace. In 2017 alone many former students were professionally nominated for the projects and films they worked on. This included over 50 Golden Globe nominations, and 20 nominated productions at the Oscars. The Schools of Animation and Visual Effects, along with Motion Pictures and Television, with courses and degree programs in Acting, Writing for Film, Television and Digital Media, Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Pictures, guide many students to successful professional careers in the entertainment industries.

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