Malcolm CasSelle is building a virtual currency marketplace, while putting his ideas on WAX.

The market of blockchain is growing rapidly and Malcolm casselle is no stranger to this. Currently he is the CIO Of a virtual asset marketplace named OPskins. not only does this company offer many different game currencies, it is also the number one Bitcoin seller as of

today. It is the main choice of virtual currency holders who want to buy and sell amongst each other, no matter where they are on Earth. While it is one of the largest centralized virtual currency marketplaces, its centralization presents flaws and limitations. For instance, the servers and the company have one location and this makes it easier for attacks from hackers, and it also makes them vulnerable to fraud and to tampering with from other organizations.

While this all sounds like a challenge, Malcolm CasSelle & OPskins are already working on a decentralized system that is designed to solve many of these problems. This new virtual asset trading program will be named WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is a person-to-person Marketplace that facilitates trade between users of different virtual currencies, and it is run on the blockchain. The WAX platform utilizes both the blockchain and smart contracts to facilitate trade between buyers and sellers. WAX will be a blockchain enabled widget that can be use side-by-side with the game that the currency holder is happening to play. WAX is designed to fix a fragmented ecosystem of different local and regional traders by utilizing the blockchain to unite all of the different Payment processors, currencies, languages, and of course games. WAX also utilizes tokenizing, or taking all that information and making it into one contract for the buyer to interact with.

Building WAX will be a breeze for Malcolm CasSelle. before he was the president of WAX and the CIO of OPskins, he was the president and CTO At tronc, and the GM of digital media at SeaChange, and before these he has led numerous startups in the digital industry. he also invests in many different Big Data and blockchain startups. He holds two computer science degrees from MIT and Stanford, and he has also raised money, billions in fact, for a company known as PCCW.

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