Jason Hope, Anti-aging, &His Many Contributions

Throughout history, the world has been blessed to have successful men such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and George Soros that have been more than willing to give much of their billions of dollars for the greater good. Not only have men such as these help in philanthropy work, they have also donated to math, science, and countless other departments to supports the advancement of our future as people. As great as these men are, one man has managed to set himself apart from other similar human beings. Without further ado, that man is none other than Jason Hope. As a man of many talents, Jason Hope has plenty of roles and positions that not too many people get to have in a lifetime. Among his many roles as a significant figurehead in this world, Jason Hope is a distinguished investor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, futurist. Having an established presence in Arizona, it is safe to assume that his actions have reached far beyond that point and into a global presence. Amazingly enough, Jason Hope has made sure to get involved in as many global issues, topics, or battles that he has the ability to support. Although he has been apart of many different efforts and endeavours, his efforts in the anti-aging battle have been one of his most recognized of them all. Here, are some of the ways Jason Hope has contributed to the battle against aging and its negative effects.

More on Jason Hope & His Position in the Anti-Aging Battle

Again, Jason Hope has had his hands on numerous cases and affairs in this world but, his contributions to anti-aging have been unlike any other. In fact, in an article on Jason Hope and his contributions to anti-aging, the article explains how those contributions have gone as far as saving lives. The fact that aging brings so many harmful effects with it, Jason Hope has been able to advance the battle in a positive way that is literally reversing negative effects. With the way things have gone for the battle against aging, Jason Hope has truly been a godsend to the growth and improvement of this battle. Among his many successes, this one has to be one of his most honored and illustrious achievements of them all. Not only do his contributions in this area show how great he is as a philanthropist but, it speaks on the type of individual he is as well.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

The Life of Doctor David Samadi, His Career, and Contribution to the Health Sector

The need for robotic surgery in the treatment of prostate cancer has gradually increased by 40 percent over the last year. In many countries especially, the healthcare practitioners are embracing this treatment method in high-risk cases of cancer. Furthermore, robotic surgery has a positive impact on healthcare and the department of urology in general. Dr. David Samadi comes in as a perfect example of a health practitioner who has utilized robotic surgery to treat cancer. For decades, he has been praised for treating terminally ill patients through this robotic surgery.

Dr. David Samadi grew up in Iran. During the Iranian Revolution in 1979, there was a state of promotion in the Islam communities as most of them were secluded and eliminated. As a Persian Jew in a Muslim country, Dr. Samadi was affected. That is why with his younger brother, the duo fled Iran to seek refuge in Belgium. When they arrived in Belgium, they joined a secondary school to earn academic credentials and stay relevant in the competitive industry of careers.

Samadi then joined Rosylin School based in New York. This institution offered a rigorous education system that helped Samadi to establish a strong academic background. This solid foundation tossed him into the ocean of admirable careers. Samadi later joined Stony Brook for a course in medicine. He completed his course after six years of dedication.

Samadi went ahead to join Montefiore Medical Centre for a course in urology. Being visionary, he joined Albert Einstein College of Medicine for his training in proctology. He completed his training at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Centre for Cancer. Before the completion, he pursued robotic surgery in prostatectomy from Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil.

From his training programs and coursework, Dr. Samadi started his medical practice in different hospitals. That is why in 2000, he was able to join doctors, nurses as well as cancer experts to establish a program with the aim of training people on how to deal with prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and bladder cancer. This opportunity opened new doors for him to explore different treatment options and therapies.

Dr. Samadi has since succeeded to transform an advanced technique for robotic surgery. SMART is a technique that involves a system of healthy techniques made to spare nerves when a patient is going through robotic surgery. Dr. Samadi is by no means, a successful career executive and role model to many who aspire to continue developing cancer treatment methods and options.

About Dr. David Samadi : insider.foxnews.com/tag/dr-david-samadi

Daniel Taub Opens Up About His Time As Israel’s Ambassador to the U.K.

Daniel Taub has had a long and distinguished career serving in numerous different capacities in the Israeli Foreign Ministry for the United Kingdom.

Born in 1963 in the U.K., he studied at University College Oxford, University College in London and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Most recently Daniel Taub held the position of Israeli Ambassador to the U.K., an appointment that he held from 2011 to 2015.

Recent Interview With The JC:

Daniel Taub recently sat down for an interview with The JC about the conclusion of his time as Israel’s Ambassador to the U.K. Topics ranged from his career to the current state of the middle east as well as Israel’s current relationship with the United Kingdom.

Though born in Great Britain, Daniel Taub had to relinquish his British citizenship in order to serve as an ambassador for his adopted home of Israel. The Queen had once asked him how he was dealing with his role as ambassador to a country that wasn’t his original homeland.

Daniel’s response to her majesty was “I feel very privileged that I am raising my children in their historic homeland after an exile of 2,000 years.” On the topic of the current state of the Middle East, Daniel Taub admits that the region is still in a state of turmoil. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.thejc.com/lifestyle/features/farewell-mr-ambassador-interview-with-daniel-taub-1.67939 and http://דניאלטאוב.co.il/wp-admin

The concerns over Iran regarding the recent Geneva Accord are truly concerning to the Israeli government and Daniel states that “The agreement with Iran takes us into a new phase – a phase that is of extraordinary concern for us.”

Daniel strongly believes that “If Iran sticks to the agreement, in which case, in more than a decade the nuclear capabilities of Iran will be achieved, causes us concern…if it doesn’t stick to its agreement…We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars starting to flow into Iranian coffers, and going to its proxies…” Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

The issue of relations between the British Labour Party and its counterpart in Israel has also been a point of concern for Daniel Taub as his ambassadorship winds down. He feels that these relations need to be closely examined and that there is much work to be done to re-establish the good relations that existed between the parties previously.

On a lighter note, Daniel Taub discusses what he has really enjoyed the most about his time as Ambassador to the U.K. He has enjoyed the fact that there has never been a day where he didn’t have interesting conversations with a large range of different people from varying backgrounds.

Though he didn’t always agree with them, he truly believes that an important defining characteristic of the British people is the fact that they are always willing to listen.

Dj Duo The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is a famous band with DJ styled music. They did a new Interview in early 2018. The band talks about their newest single and video that they released. Their newest single is called “Sick Boy”. Alex discusses how his music has taken a darker turn for the first time. The Chainsmokers have had their music mainstreamed for the past two years. They have been successful in the music Industry with many number one hits. Alex’s large fan base has been loyal to the band. Alex and Drew are happy with how much they have grown musically together.

The Chainsmokers has had many record topping hits since the band formed. The first time they had a record topping song was in early Spring of 2015. Their first hit single was named “Roses”. This success continued for the band for years to come. Chainsmokers has two talented singers that lead the group. The two lead singers are Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. Both of them have a passion for DJ inspired music. They like fast-paced dance music. Alex and Drew started their careers working as DJ’s. They created their own high tech music for dance clubs. This helped the band become famous pop stars.

The Chainsmokers band has shown that their passion is in the music Industry. They are very talented singers and have lots of skills. Alex and Drew have sang together with popular bands. Their music collaboration with Coldplay was number one on charts for three months. The popular song was called “Something Just Like This”. Their fast-paced dance single won a Grammy Award. The Grammy winning song is named “Don’t Let Me Down”. The Chainsmokers make pop and dance styled music. Alex and his band mate are always working on new music collaborations.


Sujit Choudhry Comments on Constitutional Issues

The renowned legal expert and law professor Sujit Choudhry has recently made comments about a couple of political matters in-regards to the constitution (medium.com). One of these issues is a recent tweet made by Eric Holder. Choudhry said that Holder’s comment of encouraging people to protest if White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller was terminated. Holder urged the people to make demonstrations in order to send a message to other political leaders. According to Choudhry, the encouragement by Holder is based on a couple of concepts. This includes a constitutional boundary where Holder is looking to let the American people to determine if a political official has abused their authority. Sujit also said that this comment by Holder also emphasize constitutional self-enforcement.

Sujit Choudhry is a well-known constitutional law professor and scholar. Over the course of his career, he has served as an advisor to a number of national leaders who were looking to improve their constitutions. Choudhry has looked to explain democracy and help many nations create a government that is more democratic. In fact, he has helped write the constitution for a number of nations looking to adopt a more democratic government. With this experience in mind, Choudhry has proven to make a significant impact on the politics on a number of nations. As well as being an advisor, Sujit has also worked with a number of other international law experts to analyze the political makeup of a number of other nations and what they can do in order to become more democratic.

Prior to becoming a well-known expert on constitutional law, Sujit worked in the Canadian government. His role with the government was with the national Supreme Court. During this stint, Sujit would interpret the many laws and provisions in Canada’s constitution (works.bepress.com). This would allow him to help a number of lawmakers get a better understanding of the constitution as well as make policies that were democratic, fair and just for the entire population. He would move on to work in education where he would serve as a professor of law schools and also a dean as well.

Connect with Sujit, visit LinkedIn.

Sujit Choudhry‘s Report on the Decay in Constitutional Democracy in Poland

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional expert and advisor who serve as a dean at the University of California, Berkeley- school of law. He is also the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law who is recognized for his competence in politics and constitutional law. He has experience of over two decades and has lectured universities in more than 12 countries regarding the constitutional law. Again, he also serves as the director of Center for Constitutional Transitions which is responsible for the gathering of global network of experts who facilitate research.

Sujit Choudhry has been widely involved in the formulation of constitutions in various countries in the world thus gaining global recognition. Also, as a constitutional advisor, some of the countries that he has helped come up with constitutions include Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Yemen. Moreover, as an expert of law, he has been in the forefront of promoting public dialogue and expounding on the technical reports among many other duties.

Deterioration of Constitutional Democracy in Poland

Sujit Choudhry expertise on the comparative law and politics has seen him even write a book known as the “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis”. In his book he discusses the political climates that are engulfing the country where he points out issues on the constitutions. In his chapter he also writes regarding the media which mentions on the deterioration of the constitutional democracy that includes the presidency.

Again, Choudhry believes that the democracy has been affected by a form of cold war where he gives an example of Poland’s law, (chronicleweek.com). He refers to the government as having disregarded the constitutional democracy so as to guarantee victory in all the future elections. Further, following the failure of the constitutional democracy in Poland has also led to the questionable functionality of the constitutional court as well. Sujit terms the duo as “La Suite Polonais” which depicts the their unity of purpose in their operations.

Furthermore, Sujit outlines clearly on how the Polish government manipulated the governing constitution and systems in order to have their way into power. He adds that the constitutional tribunal was marked by a long period of more than 12 months of unequal paces of activities. Besides, Sujit mentions that the threat to constitutional democracy has been brought about by ignoring the steps of having an over haul in the system instead of the mere solution to have an interim president (patch.com).

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Jordan Lindsey’s Advice on How Find Cryto Currency and How to Identify a Scam

With the Founder of JCL Capital being equipped with the expertise to handle a wide range of different trading opportunities today, people all over the globe can benefit from the advice that he gives on how to make money with bitcoin. Because bitcoin is a digital tender that people in all areas over of the U.S. and abroad are trying to get into, everyone who has an interest may want to find out what Jordan Lindsey has to say on this topic and other related subject matter. Specifically, since he is presently known for being one of the first creators of crypto currency’s trading bots, and he is an excellent source of information for both beginning and seasoned traders.

Answers Questions About Crypto

Keeping this and other related information about crypto currency in mind, Jordan Lindsey is currently offering some helpful hints on how to get to where you want to go. For instance, on a site that is called StackExchange, people can find answers to a wide range of different fundamental questions. These questions cover many different areas of cryptocurrencies including how to gain access to one bitcoin and then how to increase the number that an individual has available to them.

Mining Bitcoin and Identifying Scams

Typically, the responses that people usually find on this site covers a variety of different issues of concern. For instance, if you do not know how to mine bitcoin, or gain access to bitcoins via a bitcoin wallet, you can find this information online via sites like StackExchange. The information that this site provides covers topics like how to keep from being scammed as well as how to find legitimate bitcoin opportunities. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information on these sites that help to make it simple to avoid scams because they can be very costly to an individual. For instance, everyone should learn how to identify those organizations that can be pinpointed as pump and dump scams. Another beneficial thing to know today is how to find guides that will address that people want to know to make sure that they can enjoy the wealth along with others.



Israel for a long time has been a darling to its western allies. It has been portrayed as a right partner in the fight against restoring a peaceful and prosperous the Middle East. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/personal-view/8833883/Gilad-Shalits-return-is-a-testament-to-Israels-love-of-life.html and http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-will-still-make-a-nuclear-bomb-israel-s-ambassador-to-the-uk-daniel-taub-argues-the-geneva-deal-8965373.html

But one issue that has made them not have an eye to eye relationship with the west is that of Iranian nuclear deal. They have opposed the agreement and tried as much as possible to bring it down.

According to Israel, Iran will continue to build up its nuclear arsenals, and not even the Geneva accord will stop it. They term the Iranian deal as a threat to humankind.

Speaking on this issue, Daniel Taub, Israeli’s ambassador to the UK says the deal will not do much to help the situation. Israel has maintained pressure on its allies to pull down the deal, and this has seen it engage America on this issues several times. Taub says that this menace requires a holistic partnership approach that was unthinkable before. Israel is joined in this by several Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia who portray the deal in a bad light.

“Many countries are looking into this issues, and it offers a perfect opportunity to put our differences aside and embrace deeper partnerships,” Mr. Daniel Taub said.

“There are a lot of changes happening in our regions, and it’s forcing us to make choices that we would never have thought of making. Despite the emotive issue of Israeli occupation, there exist some players who now speak the same language, and these are the relationships we want to harness. We want to make the Middle East a peaceful region,” he further stated. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Many people have commended the significant efforts taken to arrive at this great deal. Some including Britain’s foreign secretary, William Hague says that the agreement is a good one for the whole world. He further said that Iran had made great strides towards making this deal as a success.

Despite the good feelings, Mr. Daniel Taub says Israel is not happy at all with the deal. He mainly is concerned that the agreement did not advocate for the dismantling of the nuclear infrastructure and Iran’s enrichment rights. This he will pose a significant threat to making the deal a success. He calls upon all players to do much more.

Daniel Taub has been a great voice in spearheading Israel’s international interests during his ambassadorial tenure, especially on the Israeli-Palestinian issue which he played a significant role.

Sujit Choudhry Discusses Politics of Poland in New Book

The well-known legal expert Sujit Choudhry has written a book where he talks about nations and their progress towards democracy. In one of the chapters, Choudhry questions this process when he discusses the recent political changes in Poland. In the elections of 2015, Poland elected a right wing populist party that Sujit believes will threaten its democracy. The new party is now the majority in parliament and will look to develop a very strong hold on its power and future elections. As a result, Choudhry believes that this process will likely prove to be detrimental to the democratic framework of Poland.

Choudhry is a leading scholar and advisor of comparative constitutional law. During his career he has had a number of experiences that have allowed him to establish a reputation of being a legal expert. He has held government positions such as working for the Canadian Supreme Court, worked as an educator as a professor and dean and also worked with foreign leaders in developing a new constitution. Throughout his career, Sujit has frequently promoted democracy and its value. He has often looked to help many nations adopt a democratic government that is both fair and legitimate (patch.com). With his knowledge and guidance, Choudhry has been able to help many foreign nations and experts find the most effective ways to establish democracy around the world.

When Sujit Choudhry started his career, he worked in the Canadian government. He would serve at the Supreme Court where he would regularly monitor the constitution. As he evaluated the constitution, he would make a number of suggestions and provide valuable feedback for various government officials. He helped these officials make changes and additions to its constitution in order to develop a more democratic government. His contributions to the court were therefore invaluable to the Canadian government. After he spent time working at the Canadian Supreme Court, Choudhry would become active in the educational sector. He would serve as a professor of constitutional law at a couple of top law schools in North America. Choudhry would be part of the University of Toronto and the University of California Berkeley where he would eventually become a dean. More on blogs.law.nyu.edu.

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Jos Auriemo Neto and The Business Success He’s Generated For Brazil

There are business leaders today that are worth emulating solely for the fact that they show risk-taking guts and an attitude of courage that’s rare but valuable among the modern generation of complacency and mediocrity. One of the few business leaders today who show a lot of courage regarding sacrifice and grit is Jose Auriemo Neto.

The Bold Investor

Being the head of shopping centers and hotels in Brazil, Jose Neto makes sure that the programs, solutions, services, and offerings he has from his malls and other projects are up to the standards of the consumers around him. It is the dictate of the consumers that would determine which way the path of JHSF today, which is the name of the real estate development that Mr. Jose Neto heads.Being the president of JHSF means that he’s the man responsible for the growth of the $1 billion investments in residential and commercial projects in Brazil. The revenues are what’s going to decide whether Jose is still going to get more trust from other investors who want him to expand. Truly, with his great leadership for the JHSF brand, he can provide more jobs, more chances of prosperity and more developments in Brazil’s real estate climate.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Being the chairman of the real estate developer JHSF Participacoes SA, Mr. Neto is the one handling the entire operations of the buildings, hotels, shopping complex and even public developments of the company. It is currently in the line of up Mr. Neto’s projects to also expand the shopping complexes they have all over Sao Paulo, which include Ponta Negra and Metro Tucuruv.It’s also worth detailing in this feature the fact that Mr. Neto went to the University of Sao Paolo in 1993, where he got the formal training that would form his educational background necessary to manage his career today.