Tracking Mental Health Issues with James Tananbaum

Mental Health issues are common modern medical theme. It seems that millions of people around the globe are suffering from issues related to mental health. While western medicine has shifted gears to deal with these healthcare crises; it only does so from a subjective standpoint. For western medicine, that is a huge problem.

Western medicine is founded on sound principles of science. When it comes to measuring a person’s mental health; it is not always easy to figure out what is going on with their mind conclusively. However, this problem is about to change. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Mindstrong Health is a startup company that is now in the development phase of producing mobile technology that can diagnose and treat mental health disorders. This company has received over $14 million in Series-A funding to help get the technology in place. One company that supports this organization is Foresite Capital.

The CEO of Foresite Capital is Jim Tananbaum. He started this company in 2011 as a means to provide funding for medical related technology and research. Companies and organizations that are able to produce practical, effective and meaningful healthcare related technology; are eligible for funding as long as they meet certain criteria.

Jim Tanabaum stated that Mindstrong delivered an unmatched approach to dealing with neuro based mental disorders. He understands that the smartphone technology that they use to evaluate a patient’s mental state is very accurate and is scientifically based. This is a huge plus; because this technology uses certain criteria based off of mobile phone use to evaluate a person’s mental state.

This technology will be presented in the form of an app. Once it is developed as an app and has been approved it will then be released to medical professionals as an evaluation tool. Mindstrong’s development of this app is considered a minor breakthrough in the fight against mental health disorders. This technology will ultimately help mental health professionals and their patients to deal more effectively with neurological based issues.

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The significance of reading Market America Events posts

Market America is a great company that deals in multi-level marketing. The company specializes in product brokerage and internet marketing where it targets a large global market. Market America events are done by independent customers who use these services. Most information you read from the website is a clear indication of quality services differed by esteemed employees.


The recruitment team is always searching for people with abilities to do marketing on the internet. When a person is selected, an interview is carried out. The qualified person is then trained on how the nice ways of reaching to more clients and increasing customer base.

Education Reform Success Highlights The Skills Of Betsy DeVos

As a parent I am always looking to make sure my own child has the best possible chance of achieving as much as possible during their school career, but as parents we often feel limited in our options of school choice if the cost of a private school education is taken out of our hands. Although I do not see myself as much of a protester or reformer I must admit the role played by Michigan’s Betsy DeVos in pushing forward school choice and school voucher programs in recent years is something I have been impressed by; the dedication to the introduction of charter schools Mrs. DeVos has undertaken is another area I feel she should be applauded for keeping her focus in a cause she knew to be right that many looked to block for their own political gains.

Playing politics in education is something Betsy cannot be accused of as she has been one of the most prominent bipartisan supporters of the introduction of education reform programs across U.S. states regardless of the political ideology of state and local leaders. Betsy DeVos has assisted in the introduction of school choice and school voucher programs in areas as diverse as Florida, Illinois, and Louisiana after she took the cause of education reform she has backed since the 19870s to a national audience in 2003. Betsy DeVos has chaired a number of education reform groups that have done, in my own view, impressive work on a number of levels as Mrs. DeVos herself has often spent time in states where education reform bills were set to come before State legislators and often faced opposition from those who had little understanding of the difficulties facing the education departments of major states. In fact, Betsy’s husband, Dick DeVos, the former President of the AmWay group direct sales company was elected to the Michigan Board of Education in the 1990s and fought to make sure programs like the Detroit Charter Schools bill were implemented during his time in office.

One aspect of the work of Betsy DeVos I could not help but be impressed by has been her willingness to dedicate her own time, effort, and funding to a number of causes revolving around the education system in Michigan and across the nation. Betsy and her husband formed their own nonprofit group, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation in 1989 and have used this charitable group to back a number of projects relating to education reform and individual projects designed to aid in the development of a fairer education system for all. The Windquest Group investment company established by Betsy DeVos with her husband has also used its skills to make sure the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school established by Betsy DeVos maintains its standards and success long into the future.

Organo Gold: Coffee with a Global Touch

Organo Gold is becoming something of a phenomenon. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua announced in April, 2015, that the company now operates in 39 countries. The newest addition is Turkey. Not bad for a company less than 10 years old. Organo Gold markets a full line of coffee products through a multi-level distribution organization. The flagship coffee products are certified organic and incorporate a Chinese mushroom herb called Ganoderma. At least as far back as the fabled Ming dynasty, the Chinese have valued this herb for his health benefits.

This rapid expansion is no accident. Chua is following what he calls a “Global Footprint Initiative” designed to rapidly create a strong worldwide network of wholesale marketers. Turkey is seen as especially important to this goal for a couple f reasons. First, the country lies at the juncture of Asia, Europe and Africa. It thus ties his company together. Second, Turkey is traditionally a coffee-drinking nation and one that has a growing and developing a more active lifestyle. Turkey seems poised to become one of the markets that will set performance standards for the company’s future growth.

CrunchBase tells us Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008. He originally hails from the Philippines. He spent several years working in multi-level marketing in that part of the world. Most notably, Chua helped expand Gamo Excel, a multi-level food and supplement company, into several Asian countries and eventually to the United States.

After coming to America, Chua eventually settled in Canada. Organo Gold is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s product line reads like a coffee drinkers’ happy fantasy, with selections that include Gourmet Black, Espresso and Mocha. Organo Gold distributors also supply a selection of teas and coffee products.

Why Business Owners Love White Shark Media

The central concern that the small business owner has is growth. They do not want to be regarded as a statistic. There are many small businesses that plummet into bankruptcy and fail after less than a year. The best case scenario is that the small business owner will be able to sell their company to a competitor.

A reporter from Glass Door said this scarcely comes into fruition. Expansion, sales, and establishing a broad base of reliable customers can be a daunting task. Marketing is a daunting task.

That is why so many small business owners are willing to invest in experts such as White Shark Media – more at:

As a digital marketing agency, White Shark Media offers several services that are necessary to the future of the small business. Some entrepreneurs try to conduct these services on their own. Perhaps that is why there are so many failed small businesses.

Many business owners do not have the foresight to make a wise investment in a competent digital marketing agency. When they try to understand the complexities of the digital market, they quickly learn that it is something like trying to understand the complexities of bomb diffusion.

It may look as simple as pulling out the right wire, but it is not. Similarly, digital marketing is not a simple task. The services offered by White Shark Media need to be conducted by an organization with the expertise of White Shark Media.

AdWords Campaign Management

Google AdWords is an excellent outlet for generating traffic. However, it needs to be properly managed. It is not as simple as merely creating an account and hoping for the best. White Shark Media will manage your AdWords campaign so that you will get the most out of it.

Mobile Marketing

As always, the Internet is changing. People are always looking for an opportunity to upgrade to something better, faster, and sleeker. Many people use upscale mobile devices as their primary browser –

Any business that wants to market themselves needs to understand how to interact with the mobile marketplace. They need to know how to reach people on their mobile device. If your marketing is geared exclusively toward desktop users, you are going to be left behind by this generation. Fortunately, White Shark Media offers mobile marketing services.

Contributions of Stephen Murray in Making CCMP Capital a Global Firm

The firm has an incredible global presence due to its ability to offer personalized services to its broad client base. It has a website and a customer care department that responds to queries and clarifications that are posted by the customers. The firm has implemented an effective strategy for dealing with complaints that are posted by few customers. These features have led to the increased awareness of CCMP Capital and popularity of products it deploys into the market.

CCMP Capital is based in New York City, and over 50 highly experienced investment managers operating from several offices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York manage the firm. CCMP began to specialize in leverage buyout and growth of capitals back in 2006. The company has been involved in a series of name changes. After the purchase of JP Morgan Chase Bank, the company changed its name to JP Morgan Partners. Despite being known by different names over the last couples of years, CCMP is a prominent company managing more than $12 billion in transactions only.

The firm is busy when it comes to acquisitions and mergers. It integrates with top financial institutions as a strategy of landing high net worth clients. For over fifteen years, the firm has been collaborating with prominent financial institution available in the United States. 2006 and 2007 are the two years that many established investment banks experienced a series of separations in the American history. Therefore, the separation from JP Morgan Chase marked an important step for CCMP Capital. Since the separation, the company has been expanding its operation and investing in sectors such as consumer, healthcare, chemical, and industry.

Immediately after the separation, the firm raised $3.4 billion to invest in the Capital Investor II. The value $3.4 billion was way below the set target. However, CCMP Capital was able to produce satisfying results, which neutralized the concerns. The firm attributes its success to its skillful team of employees that have remained loyal to the company since inception.

Facts about Investor Stephen P. Murray

He used his role as the President and Chief Executive Officer to lead CCMP Capital in cementing a top position in the private equity market. He attended Boston College and graduated with an undergraduate degree in economics in 1984. Steve Murray later joined Columbia Business Schools and graduated with a business administration master’s degree in 1984. Murray established his entrepreneurial career from a humble beginning, working as a trainee credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He passed on March 12, 2015 according to fortune, at the age of 52 years.