Alexandre Gama – Neogama’s Founder, CEO and COO

Alexandre Gama is one of the biggest names in the Brazilian advertisement industry. With over 34 years of experience in the industry, he commands a lot of respect, both nationally and internationally. Gama was born in the year 1954 is currently the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operations Officer of Neogama.

Education and Career

Alexandre Gama’s career began in 1982, at Standard Ogilvy where he was employed as a copywriter. Then, he was fresh out of Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), where he had studied a degree in Advertising and Communications. He worked at Ogilvy for close to a decade before leaving to work at DM9, in the year 1990.

During his four years at DM9, Gama served as the creative director and copywriter. He was recognized for his proficiency and was the most awarded copywriter at the time. He also worked for companies such as Young & Rubicam. In the year 1999, he left formal employment and decided to start his own company. That was when Neogama was born.

Under the leadership of Alexandre Gama, Neogama became the first Brazilian advertising agency to win a Lions Cannes award and in the year 2015, the company won a Golden Lion Cannes for their Cultural and Sexual Diversity campaign.

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Luciana Lóssio: Success in the Law, on the Bench, and on the Equestrian Field

Luciana Lóssio, who now sits on the Brazilian Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE), graduated from Centro Universitario de Brasilia in 1999, the same year in which she passed the bar. Since then, has forged a successful career in the law, especially in her chosen specialty of electoral law. In addition to her law degree, she holds three graduate degrees, in Civil Litigation, Constitutional Law, and Public Law and Order, she and is a member of the Brazilian Institute for Electoral Law (IBRADE).

During her career as an attorney, Luciana Lóssio represented important clients, including several governors and high-level members of the executive branch. In 2011, she made history becoming the first woman to serve as Substitute Justice of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE). Prior to joining the Superior Electoral Tribunal, she spent seven years working for the Brazilian Prosecutor-General’s Office, where she worked under two Prosecutors-General, Claudio Fonteles e Gerardo Brindeiro. During her tenure at the office, she worked on many high-powered cases heard by the Superior Electoral Tribunal as well as by the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Both as a lawyer and public servant, Lóssio has shown herself to be extremely competent in a wide range of fields within the law, in addition to the ability to deal with highly complex cases, which is not only a testament to her qualification for serving as an electoral justice, but also demonstrates that she is a valuable asset. Her role is will be crucial given the run-up to next presidential election and the fact that Brazil is in the midst of an economic crisis.

In addition to her law career, Lóssio has a hobby that she has pursued throughout her life. An avid equestrian, she has been riding horses since the age of six, a passion that she has kept up in law school and during her years in public service. She is the reigning Amateur Jumping champion in the Brazilian Equestrian Society She has even represented Brazil in international equestrian competitions. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Lóssio has a bright future ahead of her in all of her endeavors.

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