Chris Burch: Tech Fashion Trends for the Future

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital. This is a US-based company dealing in alternative ways of investment and capital management in a modern society. For his reason, he has worked to meet the daily needs associated with operating capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. For you to become a better business person, Christopher Burch is one of the best examples out there. He has been an active entrepreneur in the world of business for the longest time possible. For this reason, he has a capability to develop high-end entities in a better solution.


Christopher Burch has worked to develop numerous companies. For all the 40 years of working experience in the industry, he has worked to become one of the most respected business individuals in the United States. For this reason, he has motivated his workers to work extra hard and achieve better business through his possessive capabilities. Because of his high motivation in the industry, he has led to the rise and downfall of numerous working capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. For this reason, people will always remember his name in the coming generations.


Christopher Burch is a business individual with a vast experience in developing and selling companies from scratch. Therefore, his many years of experience in serial entrepreneurship have largely been controlled by his capability to develop a nexus between market advantage and business value. For this reason, no one has a better capability in this environment that one who has better business capabilities. As a matter of fact, we might consider developing these entities in solid reduction.


Since 1976, his role in society has been the development of brands and companies that lead to the betterment of society. For this reason, Christopher Burch has gained a name as one of the most innovative business leaders in the United States he also has the capability to identify the gap between implementation and business leadership. For this reason, he will continue to rule the business department for as long as he is alive.


According to him, fashion and technology are two different companies. However, they have seen many changes in the course of time. As a matter of fact, he considers that technology needs fashion to grow. On the other hand, fashion needs technology to grow. For this reason, you will always get better development capabilities in a manner that depicts the true nature of business.

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Bruce Levenson Files A Claim Against AIG

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium headed by Bruce Levenson was once the ownership group controlling the NBA franchise of the same name and operated Atlanta’s Phillips Arena. Although the consortium sold the Hawks and arena operating rights in a deal announced in June 2015,, an insurance claim made with AIG has dragged on and will now head to court as Bruce Levenson looks for a final ruling.

The issue for Bruce Levenson and his fellow consortium members is the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry, who agreed to terminate his contract days before the sale of the franchise to billionaire Tony Ressler. Levenson and his fellow consortium members had already been discussing the prospect of a constructive dismissal claim with AIG after comments made by Ferry in the buildup to the sale of the Hawks to Ressler’s consortium. Danny Ferry had been awarded a six year $18 million contract in 2012 that was terminated at some cost to the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment consortium; the former Hawks ownership group is now looking to reach a financial settlement in a Fulton County Court and win a 50 percent financial penalty against AIG for breach of contract.

Bruce Levenson is a graduate of the University of Washington, but has spent the majority of his life and career working and living in Washington D.C. and the state of Maryland. According to PR Newswire, in a bid to assist the people of Maryland in living better lives Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen have worked alongside the University of Maryland to create a Center for Philanthropy and Not For Profit Leadership; Bruce and Karen provided the seed funding for the school and continue to raise funds from all areas of the community to help people around the world live better lives.

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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist- Eric Lefkofsky

Success cannot be measured by what one has achieved financially, but success is measured by what one does for others. It is equally important to leave a positive legacy after one has passed on because one is mostly remembered for the good and positive deeds they have been doing in the world.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the few in the world who have purposed to leave a positive legacy in the world. Mr. Eric is a businessman and a philanthropist from United States of America. Eric was born in September 2nd, 1969. In 1987 he graduated from high school and went to further his studies at the University of Michigan where he graduated in 1991. In 1993 Erick continued his studies in the same University School of law where he pursued his Juris Doctor.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, an organization that has a primary mandate of battling with cancer. Having an entrepreneur spirit he has also co-founded Lightbank which is a scheme funding investment that deals with disorderly technology. Eric is a go-getter and has a vast knowledge in the entrepreneurial world and also portrays the best leadership skills something has seen him cofounding many other organizations including Groupon, where he is also the Chairman, Uptake Technologies, which is a leader in the predictive analytics platform in the world, as well as Mediaocean among many other organizations.

Eric is a philanthropist and loves to contribute to the society. In 2006 together with his wife Liz, they established a foundation known as the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The organization was started with a major aim of supporting the education, scientific organizations as well as other causes around the world. The organization’s goal is to advance high influential programs, creativity as well as researches that help in the improvement of human life in the society.

The grant making of the foundation is carried out quarterly, and the management team focuses on grants, including medical research, education, art and culture as well as human rights. The organization mostly assists people who live around Chicago. Eric is a leader and he has been appointed to chair several organizations, including the Children Memorial Hospital where he is a Director, the Institute of Chicago as the Board of Director among others.

Eric has been dedicated and committed to ensure that he achieves his long term goals both personal as well as profession through his hard work and charitable activities.

Legal Career of Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is one of the most significant branches of the legal field. With comparative law, individuals will be ale to study the various aspects of a particular nation’s legal system. People will be ale to learn more about how various countries operate in terms of the legal system as well as its political framework. The study of comparative law is very useful for anyone who wishes to get involved in business, legal and political activities in foreign nations. It will provide individuals and organizations with first hand knowledge of what to expect when dealing with foreign countries in these respective fields.

During the process of studying comparative law, one of the most common things you study is constitutional law. This is the branch of law that enables people to learn more about the basic legal foundation of a nation. You will learn about how the country is structured politically as well as its policies regarding the basic laws of society and regulations pertaining to economic activity. As well as learning constitutional law, individuals can also learn about things such as tax law. With this branch of the legal system, people can learn about how a nation collects taxes, what deductions it allows and also how it intends to tax businesses and individuals. Those who study comparative law will also have the opportunity to learn more about other things such as criminal law, environmental law and business law.

When it comes to comparative law, there are a number of individuals who are trusted experts on it. One of the most well known experts of comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. He has served as a professor as well as a dean at some of the top law schools in the United States. Over the course of his career, he has taught both comparative and constitutional law. As a result, he is very knowledgeable of how many countries run their legal system. He has therefore been able to educate a number of individuals about the differences of each nation’s legal system. For a brief span of two years, Sujit served as the Dean of the University of California Berkeley. Choudhry was also a professor at the New York University School of Law.

As well as being an educator of comparative law, Sujit Choudhry has accomplished a number of things during his career. Among his most well known accomplishments has been being named a Rhodes Scholar. Along with this recognition, Choudhry has also been involved in both the William Taylor Memorial Fellowship and the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship. Before Sujit became an educator in law, he attended and completed degrees from top universities. He completed law degrees at the University of Toronto and Harvard Law School.

Progress Follows Kevin Seawright and the CEDC Throughout Newark

Since its beginning in 2015 Kevin Seawright has been a guiding force in the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The CEDC has a citywide development plan with the goal being to help small business in all areas of town.

Be it a clothing store, or small grocery these businesses can come to the CEDC for help with small loans. According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has been the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for over a year, working tirelessly to improve the chances for small business success in the Newark area.

The CEDC has a loan specialist on staff and the door is always open to anyone interested in opening a small business in Newark. Kevin says that once criteria has been met, they begin the process of making the loan to help get a business up and running. The admiral goal of this organization to help a small business move up to something more has already been met several times, and the future looks brighter for many of them thanks to Kevin Seawright and his dedicated staff.

The CEDC works with other EDCs, the SBA, as well as banks active in the area. They believe all business matters, and you don’t have to be female or part of a minority to qualify for their help. If the idea is a good one, it gets the same attention and care no matter who’s it is. According to Kevin, the only real requirement, other than the idea itself is the business does have to be located in Newark.

Benefiting the entire community is why the CEDC even exists, and according to Kevin Seawright, they offer a weekly “incubator class” to help in business development. The course takes 12 weeks, and once completed, a small grant is offered to anyone who graduates the course.

They even help find locations for the fledgling business to operate from. With this kind of help, even the smallest business idea has its chance to grow into something much bigger.

Small loans offered through CEDC also come with small interest rates. The idea is not to bury a new business in debt, but to help the “little guy” move forward to success. According to Seawright, the city of Newark is “an oyster, ready to open up and shine.”

Small businesses often grow into larger ones and this can only be good for everyone in the city. With help from CEDC in all phases of opening a business from training in financial stability, employee and business taxes, as well as financial reporting, new business has the opportunity to not only open up, but stay that way.

In the short time it has been operating, Kevin Seawright and his team of professionals at the CEDC have helped 53 new businesses get their start in Newark, and as a result 88 new jobs came into being. Without new business, a community can tend to go “stale”, or worse, slip into decline.

With organizations like the CEDC, and men like Kevin behind them, that is not likely to happen in Newark. He continues to move forward, and so does the city. Market Street shows several new businesses now and most of them would not likely be there today without the help they received from the CEDC.

Davos Real Estate Group embraces Technology

Many companies nowadays are pushed by situations to adapt to new technologies or be left out. Companies that fail to realize the new trends might find themselves out of business or obsolete. Companies, therefore, have to be on the lookout for the next technology movement.

Mobile apps have gained popularity due to their ease of use, accessibility on mobile devices, privacy, and customizations to ensure that the user gets what they prefer. The Davos real estate group has been keeping an eye on technology, and their timing in launching their app, Davos CAP Calculator, has been right.

Their app launch timing has been on point as it gives the investors in the company confidence that the company’s leadership is aware of the current trends. Davos real estate group has been working on the project with an aim of making its features the best in the industry.

The new app that they have launched has been developed with the latest technology. This means that the app can run on both android and apple devices making it accessible to people using different platforms.

The company revealed that it has taken it over six months to develop the app before launching it. Mr. Gerald Gonzalez, Davos real estate group’s executive director, worked closely with his tech team to ensure that the app was a masterpiece.

The app has unique features that perform different tasks that will give the investor the information they need to make better decisions before spending their money on a property. The app will give the user the ability to calculate projected incomes that a property can make the user.

The app also can calculate how much rent the property can earn the investor in future. This will help the users decide whether the investment is viable given the projections on how much the property can earn them. This will help align the client’s financial goals with their investments to ensure they attain their financial goals.

The app also features a mortgage calculator that will be able to gather data and come up with expected mortgage rates for a specific property.

The Davos real estate group is part of Davos Financial Group. This is an international financial group that is led by David Osio, an international banking law graduate from Venezuela.

David Osio is a well-respected business leader who has a big heart and often donates to charity. His efforts have been recognized and have earned him a medal of honor from the USA Congress among other reputable awards.

Follow Osio @davidosio1

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Doe Deere : A Trailblazer in the Beauty Industry

Doe Deere is a Russian Native who worked tireless to develop her own fast growing makeup empire, LimeCrime. LimeCrime offers a wide range of lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes available in a unique array of hues. As the founder and CEO of the cult favorite LimeCrime, Doe Deere has raised the bar for female entrepreneurs everywhere. Throughout her journey she has set out to support female run businesses and lends her time to mentor women CEOs.

The name LimeCrime was the brainchild of Doe Deere, inspired by her favorite color. In 2004 Deere registered the name to a online EBay store which featured a line of “do it yourself” clothing using bright colors as the main staple. Clearly inspired by this, Doe Deere developed LimeCrime the makeup line 2008. The standard was simple; highly pigmented products that are not only cruelty-free but offer bright unique colors that cannot be found anywhere else. Launching the line exclusively for online sales was a risky business move due to criticism that women don’t purchase their makeup online. Doe Deere met this challenge head on by showcasing the lipstick swatches on actual models as oppose to a color swatch, giving customers a true sense of the shade. This was a practice that has since been picked by most makeup companies and has become the norm.

Doe Deere takes great pride in her products, as she personally tests each product for quality before it even goes into mass production. Deere attributes her company’s success to her excellent customer service team. Deere has set the high expectations for her team by promoting positivity in the workplace and encouraging them to do the same. She bounced back quickly from a shocking breach in her online store’s security in 2014, which caused customer’s credit information to be stolen and used. She, along with her team, worked tirelessly to increase her site’s security and restore trust with her loyal customers. The LimeCrime team used social media platforms, such as Instagram, as a direct link between them and their customers making it easier for them to voice complaints and find resolution. By having a visual online presence, LimeCrime was able to easy the minds of their supporters while rebuilding a trustworthy relationship with them.

Doe Deere is not only a leading woman in the beauty industry but also a trailblazer for other women who want to build an empire from the ground up. When not developing new products and inspiring women, Doe Deere enjoys reading. She cites Donald Trump’s book as an inspiration, not by any political means, but because she sees him as an incredible business man. She also cites her husband Mark as her biggest inspiration. Starting out together over 15 years ago playing alongside in a band, Mark now sits as the president of LimeCrime. Doe Deere not only shows that women can be in a position of power, but can succeed in the process.

How Does White Shark Media Avoid Complaints?

White Shark Media has come up with a way that they will not have complaints at all because they have thought up ways that will work for their client communication. Communication makes all the difference in the world for a client, and the communication that White Shark Media sets up makes it much easier for people to get what they need.

The Youtube below explains what WSM has accomplished:

The people that are communicating with the White Shark Media office are going to get the information they need, and they will be able to call in any time that they need some help. The people that want to be able to use the services from White Shark Media will have their own experience with the company.

The part of this that makes the most sense for the customer is that they are going to have a chance to talk when they want with someone who is working on their projects.

Projects that come out of the White Shark Media Complaints team office get explained every time they come out, and the explanation is used to make sure that all the clients know what is going on. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

The client that has all the right information is going to feel like they have finally gotten the hang of how these projects work, and then they will be able to plan for the use of the work when it has been completed. It is much easier for White Shark Media customers to get what they need, and the customers are free to contact the company at any time.

Contacting White Shark Media is easy because they welcome it, and the company is a place where people actually get to learn about the work they have ordered. Everyone who comes to White Shark Media can ask for their own communications plan. They can use that plan as long as they want, and they will have freedom to order as much work as they need.

Adam Goldenberg: The CEO With the Plan

Whenever you run a company of any kind, you have to have a plan. You need to know what you are doing, what is important, and how to go about achieving that plan on A lot of people have creative minds, brains, and ideas, but they don’t know how to harness them and how to put them into action. They can be a little bit aimless, although I don’t fault them for that. Starting a business is not easy and it requires a lot of time, dedication, and commitment. It isn’t something that you can do in your sleep. Adam Goldenberg always has a plan. He never does anything without a clear plan and a clear vision.

When Adam Goldenberg first started his company in his teenage years, he had to think and act like adult. He was aware of the popularity of video games, gamers, and that world, which is how Gamers Alliance came to life. He saw an untapped market that could really grow. He dropped out of high school for a reason. Goldenberg didn’t do it because he was tired of school or wasn’t interested in learning in the classroom. It was just that when you have a plan, you have to go out of your way to make it happen. Time is of the essence and there is no time like the present to get that company off the ground.

Adam Goldenberg even made the bold move to get up and go to a different country to start working at Intermix as Vice President of Strategic Planning. They knew he was right for the job, even though he was only twenty years old. It has been the same way with JustFab, which he is the Co-CEO of with his good friend, Don Ressler. They have known each other since their days together at Intermix at

With JustFab, they teamed up to create a wonderful product for women, a product that puts them in control of what they want for the low price of $39.95 a month. Why should you have to pay for products that you have no interest in? You should only pay for what you care about and what is important to you and what matters to you. If you are wasting money on items that are not what you asked for and not interested in, you are getting ripped off. With JustFab, you get what you want and how you want it.

Shaygan Kheradpir; New Coriant CEO


Shaygan is the executive member of the management board of directors of the Coriant incorporation. He is also the serving chairperson of the board as well as the Chief executive officer of the company. Coriant is also the innovative supplier of the networking solutions and has its reputation succeeding him in this technology as we as service providence. This company is the leading provider in the network in more than one hundred nations in the entire world with nine out of ten tier global in service providence in communications service.

Shaygan is a world class manager and leader. He has a proven record of performance portfolio and whenever he is given a chance to head a company he never hesitates to make the business work for the best growth. Shaygan is one of the best CEOs that a company will ever admire to have if success is what they want to achieve at the end of the day. Shaygan is a recognized leader in business as well as technology. He has an experience that is more than twenty-eight years by now. His experience extends technology, telecommunication as well as the financial services and the related industries that Shaygan has ever encountered.

Shaygan began his career at the incorporation by the name GTE. This is where he first started his journey of success in leadership. He was, later on, awarded a chance to head as an EVP for the Verizon company. Shaygan has also added another responsibility as a chief information officer as well as being part of the executive leadership committee of board members. He then became the leader of the team that was Ant asked with providing systems that were modernized, systems that were efficient as well as innovative ones. He also helped in pioneering the products that were initiatives. He led the group into the FiOS that is the largest investment entity that the United States of America have ever seen regarding infrastructure that has more than twenty billion in investment capital.

Shaygan was then asked to join Barclays Bank. Here he accrued greater success through his vast experience and innovative mind as a leader to transform the bank into a massive innovation that saw the bank as a twenty-first-century technology. This made the bank have a mobile banking environment that gave him more success in his portfolio as a leader. He then went to work with Jupiter networks before joining Marlin Equity providers where he left to join Coriant as a CEO.