FreedomPop’s Latest Plan Is Good News For Globetrotters

FreedomPop’s latest funding, valued at $50 million, is good news for international travelers who rely on mobile data to do business. The startup’s going after major carriers that charge astronomical roaming fees for data use by offering a hotspot for $49 with 200 free megabytes of high-speed data each month. Currently, FreedomPop’s has hotspots in 25 counties, with more on the way.

California-based FreedomPop is gaining a great deal of attention by offering free basic voice, text and 4G mobile broadband data service in the United States and the U.K., with options to buy more minutes as needed. By using Sprint’s infrastructure for its cellular network and partnering with several companies for Wi-Fi, FreedomPop gives users extensive, reliable coverage in the U.S., with more mobile hotspots on the way.

FreedomPop spends very little on promoting itself, unlike other major carriers, who spend millions each year on advertising. Instead, the innovative mobile phone company relies on word-of-mouth advertising, which is working out very well. People love free services, especially when they can add extra minutes at a very low cost, and they love telling others about it. FreedomPop does not tie users into expensive, long-term contracts; they even sell refurbished phones, therefore everyone, regardless of their income, can have mobile service.

FreedomPop Has Great Cell Phone Plans At Low-Cost Or No Cost

It’s hard to believe that companies like AT&T as well as Verizon, who has been around for many years, would purposely cap the data that their customers can use, but they have done this. Not only do customers have data caps but they do not get unlimited service through the company either, which can reach havoc on a family that has a plan they are paying for monthly. Post Bulletin listed information on their website about the practices these businesses have when it comes to unlimited plans, and even though the plans don’t currently exist, they are adding them again but at a hefty price. FreedomPop is a better choice for those who want to pay less for cell phone service.

Some people may feel they have the world at their fingertips when they have a cell phone; that is until they get their first cell phone bill. Those who have an unlimited plan with a set fee each month will not have any surprises when they get their bill, but those with a plan that can change in price every month me be surprised. A plan that is paid on a monthly basis will always have a set price, but some people have plans that may fluctuate in price, based on how much data they use, how much talk time they use, and how much text messages they use.

Although most plans these days will include free text messages and talk time, it may be a different thing when it comes to getting data. Some phone plans have very limited data, and once the data has been used, then it’s necessary to pay for additional data. These plans can be frustrating, and that’s why FreedomPop is the best choice because they have a plan with unlimited data, which is something that everyone can use. The unlimited plan also includes unlimited text messages as well as unlimited phone calls.

No matter which plan is chosen through FreedomPop, the customer is likely to be very happy with the cost, especially since it’s possible to determine the overall cost on one’s own, especially if they choose the unlimited plan, which only costs $20 a month. FreedomPop is the best choice for anyone who wants a cell phone plan that they can tailor to their needs.