Rocketship Education Committed to Educate the Poor.

Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education in the year 2006. Rocketship is a charitable organization of public chartered schools. Later in the following year, Rocketship opened their first school which performed very well on California state assessment. This outstanding performance led to the opening of more of its branches in various parts with parents requesting for the opening of a branch in some of the regions. In 2013 Smith became its CEO after the previous one had left. Rocketship then expanded to different places like Nashville, Redwood City, and Washington D.C.

Rocketship Education is an excellent alternative for students from families with low incomes as well as people who want to learn the English language. Since its establishment, twenty-five new public charter schools have been opened. Rocketship Education has been able to achieve its success not on its own but through the efforts of parents, educators and the community at large. Majority of the students in rocketship schools come from communities that are highly stricken by poverty. These children according to research have problems managing their emotions responding to provocations among other challenges due to the high stress they are exposed to from a very tender age. Rocketship Education has structured its curricula to give attention to such aspects of these children’s lives. In a week social-emotional lessons are taught thrice in the morning community meetings. The curricula are well organized and divided to fit students from the upper grades as well as the ones from the lower classes.

Recruitment of teachers at Rocketship Education schools is not a reserve for the school administration. Parents get involved right from the beginning. The parents together with teachers select the teachers they want hired to teach their kids even before classes begin. Parents from each campus are divided into groups and trained so that they can form part of the interviewing panel. In other cases, the finalists meet with parents in community meetings where they get to know them and give their opinions. All rocketship Education schools share four core values: respect, empathy, responsibility, and persistence. The teachers, leaders and support staff also share in one common attribute: gratitude.

Betsy DeVos Prepares to Give Education a Makeover

Betsy DeVos has devoted a lot of times education long before she became Secretary of Education. I think that this is a great role for her to take on because she was already committed to building a better education system. There were a lot of limitations that she had before she became the secretary, but now I believe that she has the ability to work with the president in reinforcing a much better education system. I think that a lot of people are going to be surprised by the strides that she is making because she has taken a lot of time to research and analyze what is going on in education. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

So many people are going to look at the education system and wonder if it really is any chance to repair it. I know that there are a lot of students that are struggling in public schools, but Betsy DeVos has plans to bring charter schools in to play. I think that this is definitely a very important part of the overall picture for education, but I really do not know how much Betsy will be able to do with this. She has been facing a lot of opposition, but I believe that she definitely has good ideas when it comes to charter schools because it requires more parental involvement.

There are a lot of parents that send their children to school and expect the school system in the teachers to do everything for their children. Parents that are not involved are not going to be able to actively help their children reach the goals that they aspire to reach. Betsy DeVos has realized it would take charter schools because there is more parental involvement, and this is going to be the thing that improves education.

Anyone that is serious about building a better education system will definitely take a look at what Betsy DeVos has to say. She has been a philanthropist that has been giving to education for a very long time, and I think that there are going to be some improvements that start with the nutrition in the school as well as the curriculum that is being taught. Anyone is looking at the school system now can see that there is obviously a need for a better curriculum. There is a need for more of the arts, and Betsy DeVos has put a lot of time to supporting this as well. Read more articles at about Betsy.

Betsy has managed to really help people see that education system is not completely broken, and she knows that it can be improved. There just has to be some patchwork in the right place in order to get the system back in order.

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