Waiakea Water Continues to Live up to the Platform it was Launched On

Most people know that drinking water is good for their state of health, but what they might not be aware of is how water aids the different systems inside the body. An online article took a look at the beneficial properties found in the Waiakea brand of bottled water. One aspect highlighted in the article was the importance of an alkaline pH level. This level varies to a slight degree by the different parts of the body, but overall is best when maintained around 7.4. The pH found in bottled water could fluctuate between 0 and 14.

The Waiakea brand of water has a natural pH that falls around 8.8. This Waiakea water pH level also makes it an alkaline water, which is better suited to the internal systems of the body. Drinking a naturally alkaline water helps flush out toxins, which could lead to disease. Sometimes referred to as a Hawaii volcanic water, its naturally refreshing taste and alkalinity are directly attributed to the layers of volcanic rock the water passes through on its journey to the source from which it is captured.

The Waiakea brand of water is proud to be among the world’s greenest brands. Not only does the team behind this brand take steps to ensure their bottling process helps preserve the natural resources on the planet by using less energy, but they have also made a move toward using recyclable plastic bottles that will be fully degradable. They also help bring clean water to underdeveloped areas in Africa. In a partnership with Pump Aid, Waiakea water donates one week’s worth of water for every liter they sell.

As a brand of water launched in 2012, Waiakea has definitely been able to live up to the platform it was promoted on, which included being a brand that was healthy, sustainable and ethically responsible. Featured in prominent magazines such as Forbes and People, the Waiakea brand has been the recipient of many awards including a Gold in Water award from BevStar and an Innovation award from the National Restaurant Association. It also received an award for best packaging from Berkeley Springs.


Waiakea Grows Tremendously in Just a Few Years

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcano Water, a water bottled company founded by Ryan Emmons, within just a few years reached an astonishing growth of at least 5,000 percent.

In spite of the odds and obstacles, the company made it. The 25-year-old Emmons established Waiakea Hawaiian Volcano Water back in 2012 based on a triple bottom line platform, and for some time, the numbers were unsatisfactory.

According to the founder, during the first year or two, his company was only able to sell a few thousand cases of alkaline water. But things changed for the better. Specialty Food has it that Waiakea water sold more than 120,000 cases of water due to the high demands. It is also estimated that the young businessman’s business has a worth of more than $10 million. Also, the company operates in more than 30 American states and offers its products through at least 2,000 stores.

But what is also surprising is also Waiakea’s contributions. According to Crunchbase, Waiakea water, due to the high number of sales, was able to donate more than 500 million liters of alkaline water to African communities under poverty. For such reasons, this company is on the mission of “drinking ethically.” Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water donates around 650 liters of water for every bottle of water that it sells, a very noble mission which is part of the company’s culture.

The founder of Waiakea spring believes that his success is due his company’s foundation. Not only is Emmons among one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the industry, but he stood away from for-profit business models. Instead, he preferred a triple model line system in order to protect and help the environment as much as possible.

Overall, what matters to the businessman is health, ethics and sustainability, the tenets of his business. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcano Water was also the first business of its kind to achieve carbon neutrality. This company’s products are also BPA free, something unique in the bottled water industry.

According to Ladisco, The products of Waiakaea Water are known in the United States for its standards and quality. The water that this company sells is alkaline and very rich in minerals such a calcium, chloride and magnesium.

Waiakea obtains its alkaline water from the Mauna Loa, one of the biggest volcanoes from Hawaii. Waiakea’s water, other than being delicious and superior to tap water, is also more affordable. A full liter of water from this company costs around $2.75.

Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.forbes.com/sites/helainahovitz/2015/10/20/now-thats-refreshing-22-year-olds-hawaiian-bottled-water-grows-4000-in-3-years/#52a85baf5332