Smart Investments Lead to A Secure Retirement

David L. Giertz, President Nationwide Financial distribution and sales explained the importance of advisors including social security retirement income as an integral component of optimizing retirement portfolios. Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute surveyed clientele who were approximately ten years from retirement age. They found that about eighty percent of the people said they would change advisors if it advisors did not include social security income as an integral part of the retirement strategy planning process. Advisors on Twitter need to consider the fact that social security benefits could comprise up to forty percent of the client’s retirement income. They need to be discussing the financial repercussions of early retirement versus do so at a later point at If advisors fail to consider these factors when developing or discussing financial strategies, they could lose clientele.

During an interview with reporter Sarah O’Brien, Mr. David Giertz discussed mistakes people make related to their current and future social security retirement benefits. David Giertz has focused a great amount of attention educating current and future retirees about the true purpose of social security retirement benefits. Many people fail to realize that social security benefits are to assist retirees once they have retired. It is wise to explore investment options on Facebook before retirement so that their finances are more secure.

David L. Giertz, a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) registered broker, has 31 years of knowledge and experience in the financial services industry. He obtained a Business Administration and Management, MBA from the University Of Miami School Of Business in 2003. He began his career with Nationwide Financial in June of 2004 as the president of their Financial Institutions Distributors Channel. David Giertz is currently the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors. He is responsible for an array of strategic processes such as retirement planning, life insurance, and mutual funds.