Makeup For The Bold And Beautiful: Lime Crime

Doe Deere, Russian immigrant and New York City native, founded the makeup company Lime Crime in 2008. At the time, Deere faced a dilemma while creating handmade clothing and selling the clothing online. Her color scheme was bright and she was unable to find makeup that matched it. Deere decided not to settle for the next best suiting colors. Instead she created her own makeup line and began to make waves. The very popular Unicorn Lipstick line launched in 2009 and this put Lime Crime in the spotlight. The lip colors in this line are currently available in bright pastel pinks, subdued greens, bright orange, and a very bold black. The colors leave a wet look on the lips and have a paint-like appearance. Lime Crime is a bold makeup line for confident beauty. Also, an added perk is that all of the makeup is vegan! So it is guilt-free glamour too.

The Velvetine Matte Lipstick line is becoming quite popular also. The liquid matte lip colors dry super soft to touch. A great added feature to the formula is that each finish is waterproof. This is vital for anyone who wants their lip color to last all day or all night. This line offers a variety of single colors or a duo pack. The duo pack consists of a light pink called marshmallow and a dark hue called raven. With the duo pack you have more than one color to fit your mood. For those that are more daring check out the Perlees Matte Lipstick line, made up of brilliant metallic pinks, purples, and blues. Lime Crime also offers eyeliners and eyeshadow, all of which are pictured on their Facebook timeline. No one else offers the mesmerizing and bold colors that Lime Crime has made available.

Lime Crimes success has developed quite rapidly. The company is still young but has already become very successful. In fact, Lime Crime already has a strong following. The Lime Crime blog posts photos about their products, celebs that love their makeup, and fans wearing their makeup. Following the blog is great way to stay up-to-date on future product releases and makeup tricks.