Fukushima Clean Up To Take Forty More Years

Japanese officials report that the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in 2011 was a catastrophic event and after almost five years of cleanup the site is still too toxic for officials to accurately assess the extent of the damage. Fukushima Cleanup To Take Forty Years In 2011 an earthquake and resulting tsunami destroyed the Fukushima nuclear plant and killed over 15,000 people near the coastal areas of the island of Japan. Officials of the plant state that while radiation levels have fallen, the area is still highly contaminated.

Officials are dealing with tons of contaminated sea water that is still flowing into the plant. Plant staff are having to store over 750 tons of contaminated water each day. So far, over 750,000 tons of contaminated water has been stored by Japanese officials. The logistics of such a task has required the construction of a new 1000 ton storage container every four days.

The true magnitude of the disaster may not be known for years has the deadly levels of radiation make it difficult for officials to get close to the reactor core to assess the extent of the spilled nuclear material. Environmental watch dog groups have expressed concerns that the plant has continued to contaminate the sea life as well as the food supply around the Fukushima area. Even though the accident took place five years ago, the effects of radiation on sea life may take generations to be revealed.