How Dr. Mark Holterman Plays A Philanthropic Role At IPSAC-VN

While Dr. Mark Holterman is incredibly busy running his company, researching new therapies, teaching medical students, and writing articles, volunteering his time and experience are very important to him. While he supports many charities the one that he is most dedicated to is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN).

The vital role that the IPSAC-VN plays to is to bring in American doctors to medical school and hospitals in Vietnam so that they can perform ill children that come from impoverished backgrounds ( Doctors like Dr. Mark Holterman can support this charity both through volunteering their time as well as financially. When a doctor volunteers their time they need to have a valid passport (with at least six months remaining on it) and send the organization their curriculum vitae. Once in Vietnam, in addition to performing surgeries, they also show Vietnamese doctoral students how to perform new techniques so that they are better able to treat the needs of their patients.

Doctors like Dr. Mark Holterman can perform many types of surgeries on infants and children as part of IPSAC-VN. Among the most common types of surgeries they perform are the removal of tumors, brain surgery on those suffering from intracranial bleeding, organ transplants, and repairing bone malformations.

Dr. Mark Holterman earned his medical degree at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He teaches at the University of Illinois and counts among his students both surgical residents and medical students. The specialty he teaches is how to perform operations on infants and children. He also founded Mariam Global Health (Peoria.Medicine.UIC). As the chief executive officer of this business, he invests globally in healthcare companies that are established by impact innovators.

During his medical career. Dr. Mark Holterman has met many gifted scientists. He is excited about the future of medicine as there have been many breakthroughs in the last several years leading to better patient outcomes that could have ever been attained in the past. The vital research that he does and other scientists do are changing the face of the world as people lead longer, healthier lives due to their work.