The Man That The History Channel Loves Speaking About

It is a rare honor to be the subject of interest on The History Channel. To achieve this status one must either have done something truly interesting with their life or they have a particular set of knowledge that is of interest to the public at large. In the case of Michael Zomber both can be said to be true.

The most interesting detail behind Michael Zomber is that he is a collector of and expert in antique weaponry and armor. He is an international authority on samurai swords for example. These types of qualifications made him a hot commodity to get on shows such as “Tales of the Gun” for the History Channel.

He is very much known as a person who can tell a good story. He likes to inform those who watch the shows that he is in what the history behind certain objects are all about. At the same time, he wants to encourage everyone to learn more about these things and take a genuine interest in them for themselves. It is what the shows on the History Channel strive to do.

He understands that while weapons are interesting to learn about, war itself is nothing but destructive and does nothing to advance mankind. As such, he spends time donating to organizations that promote peace around the world, and he believes that the cause of peace is something truly worth trying to reach.