Thor Halvorssen is Changing The World

Born Into Chaos

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela and the country has forever shaped who he is. Venezuela is a country well known for its troubles with authoritarian politics and corruption. Thor Halvorssen, now living in the United States, is deeply opposed to the current state of the country he was born in. In fact, he has even seen the corruption take a toll on his own life with many of his family members either imprisoned or even killed for standing up against a dictator.

Life Under A Dictator

The central theme of Halvorssen’s life is the fight against oppression. Oppression means he can’t return the country he was born in. It has led to the incarceration of his father and cousins. His mother was actually killed by the supporters of a dictator. He isn’t alone in his pain and suffering. Currently, more than 35% of all humans live in a country controlled by a dictator. While Thor Halvorssen has managed to escape this oppression his own personal safety isn’t enough for him. He wants to make sure that everyone is able to experience freedom.

Fighting For Others

Halvorssen has spent much of his adult life fighting for the rights of others. Whether he’s fighting for the rights of the occupants of Chinese labor camps or trying to protect LGBT in Uganda, Halvorssen feels the need to improve the lives of others. The centerpiece of all this activity is the Human Rights Foundation. Serving as president of the Human Rights Foundation, he has made great progress towards the world he wants to see. Things aren’t always going well, but he manages to stay in the fight even when it puts his life in considerable danger.

How To Change The World

Trying to bring change on a global scale isn’t an easy thing to do. There are plenty of reasons why dictators are able to stay in power. However, there are few people with the same determination and talent that Halvorssen has. It may take him some time but one day those regimes will topple.


Legal Career of Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is one of the most significant branches of the legal field. With comparative law, individuals will be ale to study the various aspects of a particular nation’s legal system. People will be ale to learn more about how various countries operate in terms of the legal system as well as its political framework. The study of comparative law is very useful for anyone who wishes to get involved in business, legal and political activities in foreign nations. It will provide individuals and organizations with first hand knowledge of what to expect when dealing with foreign countries in these respective fields.

During the process of studying comparative law, one of the most common things you study is constitutional law. This is the branch of law that enables people to learn more about the basic legal foundation of a nation. You will learn about how the country is structured politically as well as its policies regarding the basic laws of society and regulations pertaining to economic activity. As well as learning constitutional law, individuals can also learn about things such as tax law. With this branch of the legal system, people can learn about how a nation collects taxes, what deductions it allows and also how it intends to tax businesses and individuals. Those who study comparative law will also have the opportunity to learn more about other things such as criminal law, environmental law and business law.

When it comes to comparative law, there are a number of individuals who are trusted experts on it. One of the most well known experts of comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. He has served as a professor as well as a dean at some of the top law schools in the United States. Over the course of his career, he has taught both comparative and constitutional law. As a result, he is very knowledgeable of how many countries run their legal system. He has therefore been able to educate a number of individuals about the differences of each nation’s legal system. For a brief span of two years, Sujit served as the Dean of the University of California Berkeley. Choudhry was also a professor at the New York University School of Law.

As well as being an educator of comparative law, Sujit Choudhry has accomplished a number of things during his career. Among his most well known accomplishments has been being named a Rhodes Scholar. Along with this recognition, Choudhry has also been involved in both the William Taylor Memorial Fellowship and the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship. Before Sujit became an educator in law, he attended and completed degrees from top universities. He completed law degrees at the University of Toronto and Harvard Law School.

The Dodd-Frank Reform And The Whistleblower Programs

The Dodd Frank Reform of Wall Street came about in 2010. The Consumer Protection Act was passed in the same year. These two acts had a more profound effect than anything in the history of the United States since the Great Depression. They signified a complete overhaul of the regulations of the United States.


A new program called whistleblower was an important factor in the Dodd Frank Act. This program provided protection for employees and incentives of a financial nature. These benefits were for people who were willing to report violations of the laws for federal securities to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


The law firm of Labaton Sucharow responded by being the first anywhere in the country to begin a practice specifically for the protection of the SEC Whistleblowers. The SEC Whistleblower lawyer believed these individuals deserved to be protected.


By building onto a platform based on securities litigation, the practice housed a team of investigators, analysts for finances, and accountants in the field of forensics. This team had experience in law enforcement both of a federal and state nature. Jordan Thomas lead this practice. He was previously the Assistant Director for the Division of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission. While he was there, his role in Whistleblower involved the drafting of the legislation and the final implementation of the rules.


These rules state that the Securities and Exchange Commission must pay qualified whistleblowers ten to thirty per cent of the monies collected due to successful action, provided the proceeds are more than one million dollars. If these conditions are met, the whistleblower may also receive added rewards for monies brought in by law enforcement agencies. SEC Whistleblower attorney is aware of these facts and proceeds accordingly.


Retaliation is prohibited by the Dodd Frank Act for whistleblowers who make reports according to the rules of the program. In the case of a whistleblower actually representing an attorney, security violations may be reported on an anonymous basis. For more information on the program for whistleblowers, contact can be made via telephone, or thought a web site. The initial consults as well as evaluations per case are done at no charge. The attorney, client privilege does apply in these cases as well.

New Zealand Tightens Tax Regulations

New Zealand is not described as tax sanctuary, according to the OECD it is not on their list, it has never been, and it is not expected to be on the list shortly. To be listed in OECD, a nation must have certain features including that the country must execute no or minimal taxes; there must be transparency, and their laws impede the exchange of information with other governments. New Zealand does not have the characteristics, and it also does not have a highly private financial industry to be named a tax haven.


It is well known that the gold standard of transparency is 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. The transparency is well known to back the global exchange of data for the purpose of controlling domestic taxation.


Though New Zealand is not considered as a tax haven, it has managed to be transparent in their leadership, and it has done this through the handling of foreign trust as well as the requirements placed on their foreign trustees that go towards assisting other governments. After an extensive research and consultation, Michael Cullen introduced new rules in 2006. The new regulations stated that all the New Zealand residents trust trustee of a foreign trust must submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607) as well as keeping their financial and tax records for the country’s tax records as required by the IRD.


Some of the requirements listed down by the IRD include the residents’ details of settlement and distribution, trust assets and liability details, trust deeds, as well as the income and the expenditure of the trustee. It is also required if the trustee owns a business they must keep and provide their accounts statements. The New Zealand government also requires that all the records must be maintained in the country and specifically in English. The policy was enacted in 2011 by the enactment of world standard money laundering legislation and failure to follow the rules the residents face a fine.


New Zealand is known to have about 39 tax contract; the agreements benefits the nation in the reduction of tax obstructions to cross-border trades and investments as well as in the helping to cube those invading tax payment. The country has made all efforts to see their revenue goes up each year and it has made over 20 agreements with other governments.


Geoffrey Cone is a renowned tax lawyer who started his career after he graduated from the University of Otago New Zealand with LLB and he is also a Diploma Holder in Tax and Trust Law. His first practice in Auckland in 1980 and he later moved to Christchurch where he served as a partner and a Chairman of Partners in a law firm. Cone established his practice in 1999, Cone Marshall Limited after he worked in West Indies as a litigator for two years. His Law firm offers global tax and trust planning as well as the provision of trust and trustees management services to associated companies.


NY Attorney Ross Abelow Champions Against Pet Abandonment With GoFundMe Campaign

Ross Abelow, practicing New York City Entertainment and Divorce law attorney seems to have more than a love for the law. Abelow is a devoted animal rights advocate, and for the most part, he’s modest about his devotion to animal welfare issues, but he’s inspired many to the cause. “Ross Abelow is a driving force behind spearheading animal right campaigns, like the current GoFundMe campaign,” said one associate. Besides raising funds, Abelow has helped to rescue dogs abandoned pets.

Abelow, a passionate dog advocate speaks regularly on the necessary role animals’ play. Many people ignore the necessity of a human-animal bond, and how pet companionship helps mentally and physically. On numerous occasions, Abelow has been commended on his virtuous actions, and he leads by example. “I’m thrilled with the responses to my GoFundMe Campaign,” and “This is a great example of how a small $5,000 online campaign can make a real difference,” said Abelow.

A remarkable trial lawyer and veteran of the legal profession, Abelow is always focused on his clients, and dedicated to obtaining the best results. Over the past two decades, he has developed and sharpened his expertise in helping individuals and businesses, and devoted countless hours to really making a difference in people’s lives.

After graduating from NYU, Abelow earned his law degree from Brooklyn College of Law. Abelow became a practicing attorney in 1990, and began representing clients on many high profile and complex litigation cases. He has argued cases before New York and Connecticut State and Federal courts, and his practice includes divorce and custody, prenuptial planning, and entertainment law. Skilled in resolving complex Marital and Family Matters, over the years he’s handled hundreds of these cases.

Abelow’s expertise encompasses all aspects of legal matters pertaining to a wide range of legal matters. Other than marital and family matters. He is skilled and well-versed in all aspects of entertainment, and media law. His achievements have been acknowledged and have earned him a stellar reputation. Abelow has built a history of victories from his deep-rooted belief of doing his absolute best, and he is recognized as one of the top New York litigators.

Abelow’s deep appreciation and love of New York prompted him to champion the cause for abandoned animals, as well as under-served individuals. This certainly has sparked renewed excitement and praise for animal advocates.

Learn more and keep up with Ross Abelow’s News by visiting his Twitter account.

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