Helane Morrison: A Great, Honest Person in The Middle of Corruptors

Helane Morisson was born in Brooklyn. He completed her Bachelor degree at the Northwestern University, Illinois. She then decided to continue her education at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. At the US Court of Appeals, she has experience as a law clerk. From the beginning, Morrison has always worked to protect the vulnerable and prevent corruption. Today, we will discuss Helane Morrison and her marks in the industry.

Corruption and Crisis
The 2007-2008 financial crisis is known as the worst financial crisis since 1930’s Great Depression. However, in this period, corruption and other unethical behaviors were exposed. To everyone’s surprise, there are a lot of falsified records, underhanded dealings, and even fraud revealed. The massive amount of corruption and the fact that it has remained unchecked for a long time surprised a lot of people and they don’t know who to trust anymore.
Even now, Americans still have no trust or faith. Because of the huge crisis, people are aware that there is no guarantee in the financial world; they realize that investing isn’t safe. Investors have to educate themselves in order to be successful in the industry. However, this tends to be difficult because the information needed is not available. People also need a firm regulation of investment process so that it will be a safer process.
Helane Morrison
Morrison is different from the majority of people in the industry. After several years of experience in the working world, the government noticed her abilities and she was invited to the San Francisco office of US Securities and Exchange to work there. She got the full authority to protect individuals and corporations against fraud.
After years of working with the government, she decided that she want to change something; she wants to promote equality in her financial workspace. There is a lack of female leadership in the financial service industry. She then started to try and change this inequality and joined Hall Capital.
The massive amount of fraud and corruption worries people, but Helane Morrison is a trusted person. She continues to promote equality even until today. Hall Capital is located in San Francisco and it is the most successful investment advisory firm. Morrison will continue to thrive in the industry and work harder.