Why EOS’ Citrus Lip Balm Is A Must-Buy For The Summer And Winter Months

You could say that the taste of citrus is almost synonymous with summer. The summer is when lemonade stands begin to dot the corners of your neighborhood. It’s when people go shopping for lemons to make their jug of fresh lemonade just right for a meal eaten on the beach or when they squeeze their oranges themselves in the morning so that they can drink the juice fresh. The bright fresh smell of citrus can make us feel just a little bit lighter and bring to mind everything that we love about the summer. Some research has actually uncovered the fact that the smell of citrus can make you feel better. One way to make your mood a little lighter and your lips as soft as possible is to check out the citrus-flavored lip balms made by Evolution of Smooth (EOS).

EOS lip balm is known for its eye-catching product design which sort of call to mind very colorful Easter eggs that contain organic lip balm instead of chocolate candy. Some of the citrus-flavored lip balms that EOS sells include Fresh Grapefruit, Lemon Twist and Medicated Tangerine. Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit will likely remind you of your favorite beverage or breakfast fruit while keeping your lips from cracking because of the sun’s harsh rays. Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit pack an extra punch because they are both part of EOS’ Active Protection Lip Balm line. The Active Protection line differs from the standard Organic Smooth Spheres because they come with SPF protection. The Lemon Twist flavor comes with an SPF of 15 while the Fresh Grapefruit flavor comes with an SPF of 30.

If you prefer the flavor of tangerines to grapefruit or lemons you can check out Medicated Tangerine, a flavor combines a fresh citrus scent with ingredients that leave your lips feelings soothed. If you are interested in flavors that are a bit more sweet than citrus you can check out flavors like Summer Fruit and Pomegranate Raspberry. EOS lip balms can be found in many stores like Target, Walmart as well as online on Ulta.com.

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