FreedomPop Reveals Premium Phone Plan

FreedomPop has been rising in the world of mobile carriers for the better part of the last five years. FreedomPop originally rose up out of Los Angeles, California where it was established as the next big thing in the tech world. What makes FreedomPop so appealing is that it offers customers with a completely free cell p hone option. Now FreedomPop is pushing into the world of low cost, high quality cell phone plans with their release of the ‘Unlimited Everything’ plan.

The FreedomPop Unlimited Everything plan offers customers the chance to get a premium phone plan at rock bottom prices. For just $20 per month customers will be given unlimited talk, text, and mobile data. The first gigabyte of unlimited data would be utilized by 4G. After that first gigabyte is used up your speed will be graded down to 3G. Despite the speed throttling factor you are still allowed unlimited tethering for your phone, so you’ll be able to create wireless hotspots whenever you are in need of one.

The core FreedomPop plan will not be changed by this new expanded plan. The core plan that FreedomPop offers will give you limited talk, text, and mobile data (200 minutes, 500 texts, 500 megabytes of data). If you feel that this amount of usage does not meet your needs then you will be able to upgrade your plan at any time that you want to.

Along with the core phone plan, FreedomPop is also getting into offering more models of phones as part of their company. After partnering up with Spring’s 4G Network FreedomPop now has a new range of phones available. These phones include the Samsung Galaxy S3, S3, S4, Victory, HTC Evo 4G, and the iPhone 5. This wide array of phone should be more than enough to please even the most ardent user of premium services.

The goal of FreedomPop, as headlined by FCO Steven Sesar, has always been to offer an expansive network and buffet of digital add on options for customers to take part in. The world of mobile technology is changing and people no longer want to be caught up in the same old restrictions that major cell phone carriers are throwing at them. FreedomPop continues to lead the charge toward innovative mobile technology and we figure that this will keep them prevalent for years and years to come as their popularity soars.

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FreedomPop Has Great Cell Phone Plans At Low-Cost Or No Cost

It’s hard to believe that companies like AT&T as well as Verizon, who has been around for many years, would purposely cap the data that their customers can use, but they have done this. Not only do customers have data caps but they do not get unlimited service through the company either, which can reach havoc on a family that has a plan they are paying for monthly. Post Bulletin listed information on their website about the practices these businesses have when it comes to unlimited plans, and even though the plans don’t currently exist, they are adding them again but at a hefty price. FreedomPop is a better choice for those who want to pay less for cell phone service.

Some people may feel they have the world at their fingertips when they have a cell phone; that is until they get their first cell phone bill. Those who have an unlimited plan with a set fee each month will not have any surprises when they get their bill, but those with a plan that can change in price every month me be surprised. A plan that is paid on a monthly basis will always have a set price, but some people have plans that may fluctuate in price, based on how much data they use, how much talk time they use, and how much text messages they use.

Although most plans these days will include free text messages and talk time, it may be a different thing when it comes to getting data. Some phone plans have very limited data, and once the data has been used, then it’s necessary to pay for additional data. These plans can be frustrating, and that’s why FreedomPop is the best choice because they have a plan with unlimited data, which is something that everyone can use. The unlimited plan also includes unlimited text messages as well as unlimited phone calls.

No matter which plan is chosen through FreedomPop, the customer is likely to be very happy with the cost, especially since it’s possible to determine the overall cost on one’s own, especially if they choose the unlimited plan, which only costs $20 a month. FreedomPop is the best choice for anyone who wants a cell phone plan that they can tailor to their needs.