Stream Energy, Helping Fight Against Global Warming

Stream Energy has taken significant measures to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. They have consistently monitored the hurricane relief efforts. Not only did they donate $25,000 to the American Red Cross, they are waiving late fees that are compiling on over 127,000 customers. Stream wireless users that have been charged late fees, will see a credit back to their account.


Stream Energy is a direct selling company founded back in 2005. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is revolutionizing the energy industry. They are the leading direct selling company in the global market with over $9 billion in revenue. Stream offers wireless services, energy services, home services and protective services. They provide energy service for Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Washington D.C.


Climate change is on most people’s minds these days. While many may question the cause, it’s still an issue that will affect us as well as children of the future. Hurricane Harvey has proven that global warming is a major concern. Texans heavily rely on agriculture, much of which was destroyed thanks to Harvey ( Stream Energy engages in a number of programs that are considered “green.” To help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, they are making the use of alternative energy sources a top priority. Solar panels, water conservation and wind sources are just a few ways to help fight against climate change (BBB). Stream Energy can provide its customers with smart sprinkler controllers to regulate their water usage. As temperatures rise in Texas as well as all over the world, we will need to constantly change and find new methods to help save our planet. Climate change affects us all, but with Stream Energy on our side, there seems to be a bright glimmer of hope for the future.