George Soros’ Latest Prediction about the European Union Collapse

George Soros, who is the founder and chair of the Open Society Foundation and Soros Fund Management, has stated that the European Union (EU) is on the verge of collapse. He was recently interviewed by Gregor Peter Schmitz of a German magazine called WirtschaftsWoche. Soros believes that this potential collapse is due mostly to chancellor, Angela Merkel’s improperly prepared course of action to change the attitude of the public due to the economic mitigation crisis. Soros did state that he does generally support Merkel in her politics, he just simply disagrees with her on a lot of specifics.
It has been said that like the U.S., the European economy is in its worst state since the Great Depression of the Second World War. It has been said that signs of recovery have made an appearance, although that recovery is very fragile and could fall through at almost any minute. Soros and Schmitz claim that Merkel’s position is also currently facing its own attacks. However, Soros claims that the true root cause of the mitigation crisis is the conflict in Syria. The recent attacks in Paris have also catered to it a little. Soros also believes that it’s Germany who has the most potential to alleviate the crisis since they have already achieved hegemony (or leadership and dominance by one country over others); albeit rather cheaply.

Aside from his career with the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundation, George Soros is a survivor of the Nazi Occupation during the Second World War. He fled Hungary in 1947 and left for England where he later graduated from the London School of Economics.

Soros became active as a philanthropist by the late 1970’s. He started by providing funds to help students affected by the South African apartheid to attend college at Cape Town University. The Open Society Foundation operates tirelessly to promote human rights around the world. Soros is also an author of several books, which include The Tragedy of European Union, which was published in 2014. His opinions and predictions of ecnomics and politics regularly appear in magazines and newspapers worldwide.