Securus challenges GTL to a technology Bake Off

In the recent past, Securus, which is a leading company in the provision of technological solutions for the inmates and the justice system has been engaged in a legal tussle with GTL Technology. The issues started with GTL claiming that Securus had used some of their patented technology against their agreement. The issue has been in the courts for a while now, even though the court has on several occasions made rulings in favor of Securus. Securus technologies had attempted to have the matters settled out of court, but GTL insisted on an in-court settlement.

Recently, Securus has decided to reach out to GTL again and offer them an opportunity to participate in a technology bake off. This follows the claims that GTL has made, stating that their technology and their customer service was at par, if not better than that of Securus. The executive director, Rick Smith, stated that he wanted an independent judge to weigh the services that the two companies were providing before getting a winner.

He stated that it was unfair to state that GTL was at par with them, especially because they had spent the past four years growing their company and in the process, they had invested more than $700 million back to the business. He stated that Securus was the better company because:

  • They had a better set of products for the criminal and justice systems.
  • They had a local center to handle customer complaints and related issues on the other hand, they knew that GTL was outsourcing a great deal of their customer service.
  • Securus had field technicians under their payroll while GTL had contracted people to handle the job.

He stated that through an event such as the bake off, it would be possible to determine the best man for the job or providing telecom services to the criminal justice system.


Making Use of Securus During Christmas

For anyone who has a loved one in the prison system, you know how important it can be for you to get the most from a communication system that really works for you. One of the best prison communication systems currently available to prison families all over the country is one that you might have already heard of and this one is named Securus. Securus is a great option for prison families all over the country because of the fact that it enables you to do video visitation from home no matter what time of year it happens to be, but this is especially beneficial during the holidays when you want to have better communication with your loved one.


When you have better communication with your loved one during the holidays, it can allow them to feel like they are no longer left out of the family or of anything that is doing at their house with their loved ones. This is very important for individuals during the Christmas season as I have personally found with my own relative who was put into prison during the holiday season and who we didn’t think we were going to be able to keep in contact with regularly. When I discovered Securus and started using it, we were able to keep them in touch during the holidays and it truly allowed us all to feel like we were closer together despite the circumstances of that year.


Listen, it is never a great thing to think about a loved one going into prison and being there during the holidays. The problem is that this is often a very true scenario for a lot of prison families and it is something that they simply do not want to have to deal with because it prevents them from feeling like a family during the holidays. The most important thing you can do is to utilize this service to your advantage and to see if it can benefit you as it has for a lot of other people who have been using it their entire lives. It is also very easy for you to get the hang of using even if you are not technologically advanced like a lot of other people who might be able to use it with ease because it is very easy to download and begin utilizing each and every day.


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