Jos Auriemo Neto and The Business Success He’s Generated For Brazil

There are business leaders today that are worth emulating solely for the fact that they show risk-taking guts and an attitude of courage that’s rare but valuable among the modern generation of complacency and mediocrity. One of the few business leaders today who show a lot of courage regarding sacrifice and grit is Jose Auriemo Neto.

The Bold Investor

Being the head of shopping centers and hotels in Brazil, Jose Neto makes sure that the programs, solutions, services, and offerings he has from his malls and other projects are up to the standards of the consumers around him. It is the dictate of the consumers that would determine which way the path of JHSF today, which is the name of the real estate development that Mr. Jose Neto heads.Being the president of JHSF means that he’s the man responsible for the growth of the $1 billion investments in residential and commercial projects in Brazil. The revenues are what’s going to decide whether Jose is still going to get more trust from other investors who want him to expand. Truly, with his great leadership for the JHSF brand, he can provide more jobs, more chances of prosperity and more developments in Brazil’s real estate climate.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Being the chairman of the real estate developer JHSF Participacoes SA, Mr. Neto is the one handling the entire operations of the buildings, hotels, shopping complex and even public developments of the company. It is currently in the line of up Mr. Neto’s projects to also expand the shopping complexes they have all over Sao Paulo, which include Ponta Negra and Metro Tucuruv.It’s also worth detailing in this feature the fact that Mr. Neto went to the University of Sao Paolo in 1993, where he got the formal training that would form his educational background necessary to manage his career today.

Interviewing Arthur Becker – Managing Member at Madison Partners

Arthur Becker is a successful entrepreneur who believes that strategy has to be reflective of the business vertical. He believes in identifying talent and persuading people with exceptional talent to work towards achieving your goals. Then you have to get out of the way and let them work. The following interview reveals more about Becker.

Madison Partners idea

During his time at Zinion LLC and NaviSite, Arthur Becker developed an interest in technology and real estate. When NaviSite was sold in 2011 he, decide to expand his real estate interests through investing in a condominium in Florida, New York and Miami. His involvement in early stage tech companies also created an interest and fascination in the field especially with the economic opportunities it provided not to mention the possibilities of impacting lives.

A typical productive day

Arthur’s days are flexible, as he does not operate on scheduled business lines with set up meetings and conference calls. He is now handling a project in Tribeca that is almost complete as well as building town houses in Sullivan St. in New York.

Bringing ideas to life

Becker has established that he is most successful when dealing with people he respects in both the tech world and real estate industry. He is fascinated with real estate as every stage is unique, different from the developing, designing, actual building, and even to the marketing process. He is most effective when it comes to organizing the different talents and coordinating the experts in every project.

Most effective habit

Becker believes that his success as an entrepreneur comes to be due to his passionate zeal and drive as well as his critical thinking nature. He has unrelenting drive and passion as well as a clear vision.

About Arthur Becker

Madison partners is an investment firm whose focus is on real estate and earl stage biotech ventures for which Arthur Becker is a member of the managing team. He was a former CEO of Zinio, LLC which the world largest digital newsstand. More details can be found on Perez Hilton.

He has been in the top leadership of several other organizations including NaviSite. He also served as a senior advisor in Vera Wang Fashion Company where he dedicated seven years to the industry. He has been a private investor in technology and real estate ventures too. You can also visit his Crunchbase profile for more details.

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