Ways to Protect Online Reputation of Brands and Professionals

Online reputation protection is a service every brand and professional should have implemented and monitored at all times. Reviews and comments pertaining to services and products determine the credibility of companies and individuals. Negativity about any brand or professional usually deter customers from visiting e-commerce retails after using search engines. In the 21st century, corporations of all sizes are using services or employ reputation management specialists to monitor their customer complaints on social media outlets and websites. According to European CEO, Towergate Insurance reported “reputation is worth approximately four percent to five percent of a company’s annual sales.”

Bad and unsatisfactory reviews will reduce revenue and sales for individuals and businesses. The report also showed nearly 65 percent of executives reported the reputation of brands is associated with sociability with customers. Courtesy and promptly responding to customers’ complaints are the keys to maintaining and protecting reputations.

To help protect the reputation of brands and image of professionals, follow the four steps described below:

  • Create a blog and setup social media accounts, such as Facebook for products and LinkedIn for professional services. Social medias are communication tools for brands to interact with their customers. Blogs and social medias must be updated on a daily basis.
  • Outsource or hire a reputation management team to monitor online reputation and to resolve issues with customers and clients. Complaints should always be addressed immediately. Negative reviews can easily turn into positive ones and attract customers.
  • Develop public relation strategies to ensure efficiency of handling complaints and organization. It helps with marketing and avoids negative and damaging reviews.
  • Create professional profiles for key executives, including president, chief executive officers, chief financial officers, and managers. Reputation of executives must be monitored online and has a positive impact on brands.

Reputation has an influence on brands, corporations, companies, individuals, and professionals. The internet is the main resource consumers use to find products and search for reviews. Start protecting your brand and image by following the four steps above. Reputation management experts and public relation professionals correct comments and have the expertise to monitor & maintain reputation.