Securus to Release Reports on GTL Wrong-Doing

Securus is one of the county’s leading suppliers of technology for prisons and jails. Located out of Dallas, Texas and founded in 1986, they now have offices all across the United States in order to provide the best service possible to the entire country.

Securus has been tasked by The Louisiana Public Service Commission to release reports on GTL over the next half a year. The goal of thee reports is to put the actions of the GTL in the public eye and shame them into behaving with higher integrity.

GTL or Global Tel Link has been accused of rigging their telecommunications machines in prisons to add either 15 minutes or 36 seconds to inmates call duration, attempting to charge prisoners and prisoner’s families a higher rate for each call then they should be required to pay.

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The first of the six reports required by Securus goes on to say that these actions by GTL resulted in taxpayers being overcharged an amount well over one-million dollars.

Richard Smith, CEO of Securus commented on the first report. He mentions how offended he was for a company in his industry to stoop below the level of integrity that is expected by everyone in the prison security business. Smith will lead Securus for the next six months as they investigate and release information to the public about the wrong-doings done by GTL.

Securus’s out-going attitude and drive to do what is right, like in the case of providing justice to the taxpayers of Louisiana is one of the many reasons why a few months ago they received praise and recognition from the BBB or Better Business Bureau.