Perry Mandera, Delivering GoodWill to the Children of Illinois

Since 1986, Perry Mandera delivered customer service and goodwill as well as packages in the Illinois area. The owner of the transportation brokerage firm, Custom Co. Inc, supports various Illinois’ causes through his business’ foundation. The military veteran dedicates his time to promote safety in the community. A big part of his work is providing children security and a positive outlet.


Mandera donates regularly to Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. Mercy House provides residential, aftercare, and mentoring services for abused, neglected children escaping poverty. Mandera’s continued gifts financed Mercy House’s Hay Campus sustaining community garden project. The residents and volunteers of Mercy House plant flowers and vegetables funded by foundations such as Perry Mandera’s. The Mercy House’s garden provides its young clients the opportunity to learn about social responsibility and sustainable practices while helping reduce Chicago’s carbon footprint.


Perry Mandera also sits on the board of the Jesse White Tumblers. The organization provides free tumbling training and uniforms to inner-city youth. Mandera’s company is a sponsor of the program that hosts over one thousand performances annually. Mandera and other members of the board ensure that members of the Jesse White Tumblers uphold the program’s strict personal standards. Try out participants are only required to have basic tumbling skills to participate. To qualify for tryouts, the kids need to present a report card with good grades. The tumblers need to sustain good grades and stay off of drugs to remain in the program. The Jesse White Tumblers grant inner-city kids opportunity to perform throughout the Americas, Asia, and Eastern Europe. All participants learn the importance of being responsible and earn the benefits of being on an athletic team (


Perry Mandera built Custom Co. Inc from the ground up in 1986. Through his hard work, he built a full-service transportation company in two of America’s biggest cities (PerryMandera1.WordPress). By sharing the fruits of his success, he aids at-risk kids a chance to succeed by funding programs to keep them off the streets.