Traveling Vineyard Is Your One-Stop Destination

Napa Valley is often known for wine production as it has vast land that grows grapes; it is renowned in the whole world for the high-quality grapes. More than just drinking wine, Napa Valley also offers you a guide to many other sights and events that make Travelling Vineyard an enviable destination.

Napa Art Walk

One of the most fascinating sites in Napa Valley is the Napa Art Walk, which is a 3-D art site. The exhibition mainly features the creative works of people all over the country with particular emphasis on the sculptures of many kinds that are found all over the country. The art pieces are also available for sale, and you are advised to carry some money just in case you might need to make a purchase. Your purchase also helps in funding the subsequent shows in the location.

Napa History

The stroll in Napa Valley also helps you dig into the history of the location. The Napa Valley Historical Society informs you who occupied the land a century back. There are renowned historians, who help you walk down memory lane to understand the ancestors of the Napa Valley and what they did for a living.


The best olives in the world are found in Napa Valley. Round Pond Estate is renowned for producing excellent Mediterranean olives that are made in world-class old methods. It is only in Napa Valley that you can find the craft oils and traditional olive oils, which have flowers, herbs, spices, and fruits. They also offer different kinds of kinds of vinegar. The guides give you guided tours, which explain how the oil is produced from start to finish among other mysteries.

Cooking class

There are also cooking classes that are often at the Silverado cooking school. Since wine is a big subject in the region, food is also a very major topic since food and drink go together. Napa Valley is also known as the flavor town where one polishes their culinary skills. One is taught by the famous chef Malcolm de Sieyes teaches you basic food preparations to advanced food making techniques.


You cannot visit the Napa Valley without having a chance to relax. There are various spas at the Calistoga Ranch resorts, especially the Auberge spa. There are natural hot springs where there are therapeutic massages and baths from fresh spring water. The massages are also done using natural mud; they are just out of this world.

Vine Yard

Vine Yard is company that allows entrepreneurs to earn income on regular schedules through their love for wine. The company was founded by Richard Libby. Those who have taken the wine guides at Vine Yard say that it is an experience like no other.

About Traveling Vineyard:

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