Dj Duo The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is a famous band with DJ styled music. They did a new Interview in early 2018. The band talks about their newest single and video that they released. Their newest single is called “Sick Boy”. Alex discusses how his music has taken a darker turn for the first time. The Chainsmokers have had their music mainstreamed for the past two years. They have been successful in the music Industry with many number one hits. Alex’s large fan base has been loyal to the band. Alex and Drew are happy with how much they have grown musically together.

The Chainsmokers has had many record topping hits since the band formed. The first time they had a record topping song was in early Spring of 2015. Their first hit single was named “Roses”. This success continued for the band for years to come. Chainsmokers has two talented singers that lead the group. The two lead singers are Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. Both of them have a passion for DJ inspired music. They like fast-paced dance music. Alex and Drew started their careers working as DJ’s. They created their own high tech music for dance clubs. This helped the band become famous pop stars.

The Chainsmokers band has shown that their passion is in the music Industry. They are very talented singers and have lots of skills. Alex and Drew have sang together with popular bands. Their music collaboration with Coldplay was number one on charts for three months. The popular song was called “Something Just Like This”. Their fast-paced dance single won a Grammy Award. The Grammy winning song is named “Don’t Let Me Down”. The Chainsmokers make pop and dance styled music. Alex and his band mate are always working on new music collaborations.